My Promise

I’ve been thinking a lot about my to be godson. He isn’t born yet but I still feel a deep connection with him. He’s definitely a fighter!


Long story short my sister-in-law’s water broke in week 20 but thankfully she didn’t go in labour. Now, they are staying strong, fighting and celebrating that they made it to week 28! It’s not easy putting trust in God, knowing that we can’t do anything to change the situation other than pray and follow His will with an open heart.

Mathieu will be born a fighter, he will know the struggles of life but he will also learn that we are completely powerless. We need to acknowledge that God is on our side.


You don’t know me yet but you will soon enough. I have heard so many things about you and I’m excited to meet you.  Continue reading “My Promise”

Last Saturday’s challenge

As many of you know, I struggle with alcohol and I’m quite open about it. One drink leads to two and two leads to three and three leads to I don’t remember.

I haven’t had a drink for a few months now and it feels great. The people I live with have a drink everyone once in a while and sometimes I think maybe just this once.  But I know I can’t fall into that.


On Saturday I was asked by someone to go to the liquor store and buy a 12 pack of beer. It’s just buying beer right? It shouldn’t be that tough. On the drive there (which isn’t too far) I kept thinking Should I buy something for myself? How am I going to feel going in there? Why am I doing this? And as soon as I entered I saw everything, the wine, the beer and the liquor. It really brought me back to my old self but it made me think of who I am today.  Continue reading “Last Saturday’s challenge”

Brushing my soul

Here’s a song to listen while reading:

What do our souls and brushing teeth have in common? I was asking myself that same questions but I had this random thought that came to me during mass today.

Going to mass in a state of mortal sin is like eating a delicious vanilla cake without having brushed your teeth for five days. This cake is still good but it could be better. Just like going to mass in this state isn’t wrong but it could be better.

Going to confession is the best way to clean the soul just like brushing our teeth is the best way to clean our mouth. And when we clean our soul we can better live out the mass. Same with brushing your teeth, when you do so the cake will taste much better.  Continue reading “Brushing my soul”

You are beautiful

Be who you’re called to be. This is a statement that I try to live by but it’s not easy. Who am I supposed to be?

For so many years I struggled with my weight. I’m not exactly the skinniest person out there and media tries to sell the idea that the skinnier we are the better looking we are. I sadly believed it but didn’t do anything about it. I just thought well I’m overweight which mean I’m unlovable. That it so wrong!!


I was stuck living these lies, oh a fat person can’t do this, a fat person can’t do that. But all of this changed when I started discovering who I really am. We are so much more than our appearance. What defines who we are? I believe we define who we are by God’s grace. Now this can be taken out of context but what I mean with that is God gives us graces and we have to use them.
When I was in high school I was the fat kid in class and this always brought me down. Then university came and I was hanging out with a bunch of people who were accepting. But also during this time I was actually putting effort on my appearance. Continue reading “You are beautiful”

April 22nd 1987

This day 29 years ago a tragic incident happened in my family. We lost a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece and a friend. This was my sister Jocelyne. She was almost 2 years old.

9694866_f248But this is a day of rejoicing because as we are taught that anyone who is sinless goes directly to heaven and since my sister was young and baptized she could not have willingly chosen to sin. All this to say that I believe my sister is in heaven, she’s a saint. I can ask her to pray for me. It’s a sense of comfort.

There are saints in heaven that we don’t even know of. One doesn’t have to be recognized by the Church to be a saint. You just have to be in Heaven to be a saint.

On this day I encourage all of you to ask Jocelyne to pray for you. I know she’s been praying for me and she’s been putting in a good for me to God. I have never met her but I still cherish her as my big sister, I still love her and I’m sure she loves me. Continue reading “April 22nd 1987”

Yawn, Naptime

Close to two years ago, about two months before going to Haiti I was diagnosed with anemia. Anemia is a condition marked by a deficiency of red blood cells or of hemoglobin in the blood. Basically it means that I lack red blood cells and or hemoglobin.

This explained why I was always tired, felt weak and had headaches. I would blame it on my job because I was working long days on the farm. But even when I took a few days off I was still very tired. It didn’t matter if I slept for 3 hours or 12 hours, I was always tired.


To keep this under control they told me to take iron pills. My red blood cell level was so low that at first I had to take two pills a day, then one a day and by the time I was leaving for Haiti I had to take one every second day.

I really didn’t want to be dependent on these pills but I had noticed such a big change in my energy level that I wanted them. These are by no means addicting and they don’t have any bad side effects (that I experienced) but they aren’t exactly natural. I’m not one to push for pills to be healthy, I’m not against it but I like exploring the natural ways. This being said about 5 months ago I decided that’s it! I’m done with these pills! I would take 2 pills a week until I had no more and I refused to buy any more.

Continue reading “Yawn, Naptime”

More Dreams

Dreams are an odd thing. Where do they come from? What do they mean? The last dream I had was a bit on the odd side. I don’t even know how to describe this dream but I will.

I was living in my grandparents’ old house with the same people I’m currently living with: Archbishop, vicar general and the parish priest. I have to note that this house is in the middle of no where and it’s about an 9 hour drive from where we currently live.

I was watching a bit of tv one evening while the guys were out doing things. This really tall guy knocked on the door so I answered. At first he seemed nice and we talked a bit but then he took out a gun and told me this was a robbery. He asked me where my guitar was so I pointed toward my room (this would of been the guest room in my grandparent’ house). I didn’t want to have to deal with this guy so whatever he asked I answered. Just as he was walking towards my room my Archbishop walks in the house and sees that I’m freaking out.

I point to toward my room and then he sees the guy. This guys screams like a little girl and runs downstairs and my Archbishop chases after him. Continue reading “More Dreams”