I’m thankful for today. I don’t say that often enough. This thought crossed my mind as I was leading a leadership workshop. This workshop was held for the adult students in one of the communities I visited (I’m currently still here in their youth centre).

The adult students are very thankful for their second chance of graduation from high school. The age range was between 18 and 40. There is always, always, always a second chance. God never gave up on me and my struggles and God won’t give up on them.

As we were taking about who the leaders in the community, it’s like one of them had a revelation. He said something along these lines. We are all leaders but we have to choose to be leaders. Look at us, we’re all in school, we all want a better life for our kids, for our family and for our community. We are leaders, we are a great example for our kids. If they see that we can change our lives then how much more can they accomplish in theirs?

I felt like I had to give a hand of applause for that. I mean, this meant so much to him. He realized how what he was doing was not just for him but for the many people he encounters. His answer came out of no where, he wasn’t expecting to say such a thing but yet what he said was so true and meant so much. I’m glad he said it because it moved a lot of the other people in the group.

I have to say that I was very unprepared for this workshop and yet God worked in me in many ways. Sure I did some research but I had not written much down. I got them to do most of the thinking.

God works in many ways and I’m glad I got to see God being active in this one person. This person is being a good witness to those around him.

When is the last time I thought about the positive things in my life? When have I been a witness to others in a surprising situation?




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