Periods, a blessing or a curse?


Ok this post will be a mixture of a rant and maybe even too informational but I just feel like I should share. And this is just to explain how I feel right now:

Obviously that’s not completely true but I like to think it is.

Period pain sucks but periods don’t suck. Now I have to be careful on how I say that. Yes, women have their period every month but it has a purpose. I wish I was one of those women who don’t have pain. I know when mine is coming and I also know it’s time to find the Advil bottle and take a nap (if possible).

It can hurt A LOT and by A LOT I mean like A LOT. It’s like someone keeps kicking you in the lower abdomen some days it’s even worse, it’s like someone is stabbing you over and over.

And here goes the TMI part. Today I was driving back home and I wasn’t expecting little miss nature to show up but I was ready none the less. The expected time for the drive was 9 hours and I figured I could stop somewhere for mass. About three hours in the trip I started to feel nauseous and had a sore back. I knew exactly what was about to happen… 

I had another 10 minutes until I reached the church so it was no problem. (here goes a product placement) For women who are tired of spending way too much money on pads and tampons, I suggest using a menstrual cup. These things are hygienic and in no time you pay it off. I have had mine for about 8 months and I would never go back. (end of advertising)

During mass I wasn’t bothered I could concentrate on what was going on even though my back was sore and abdomen was starting to hurt more and more. When mass was over I dreaded going back to the truck. I did not want to drive another 6 hours. I was very nauseous but I did what I had to do. I climbed in the truck and off I went. The pain kept on getting worse and worse and I was starting to really feel that pukey feeling. I kept drinking water thinking it was going to go away (silly me) I had to stop a few times just to ground myself. Oh I forgot to mention that it was pouring rain. So when I stopped to walk a bit I had to get soaked.

Once I hit the gravel road I knew I was close to home, just another 181 kms to go. That’s a bit less than two hours…. I can do this…. no I can’t…. yes I have to! I’m going to get home and take Advil then sleep. I’m not even going to empty the truck because I know that can wait.

Ha! Yea right that did not happen. I got home and I actually felt not bad. So I started unpacking, I took my bag of clothes and my backpack and was slowly bringing it to my room when all of sudden (still having to climb 10 steps) I knew I was going to vomit. I ran like I never ran before. My tasty carrots did not taste as good the second time. I stayed in my washroom for a few minutes thinking Why did I have to eat carrots?

But this got me thinking. So many times in our lives God puts things on our path. These things we can’t use right away but it does have a purpose in the future. I have to say periods or even more general, a woman’s cycle is such a pain for an unmarried woman but look at the many blessings it can bring to a married woman.

I try to look at the positive side of it but I often wish it was different.

Sorry if this was TMI but this got me thinking. There’s so much more I could say but I’ll keep it on the down low for now.


My nauseous Catholic Living


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