Yawn, Naptime

Close to two years ago, about two months before going to Haiti I was diagnosed with anemia. Anemia is a condition marked by a deficiency of red blood cells or of hemoglobin in the blood. Basically it means that I lack red blood cells and or hemoglobin.

This explained why I was always tired, felt weak and had headaches. I would blame it on my job because I was working long days on the farm. But even when I took a few days off I was still very tired. It didn’t matter if I slept for 3 hours or 12 hours, I was always tired.


To keep this under control they told me to take iron pills. My red blood cell level was so low that at first I had to take two pills a day, then one a day and by the time I was leaving for Haiti I had to take one every second day.

I really didn’t want to be dependent on these pills but I had noticed such a big change in my energy level that I wanted them. These are by no means addicting and they don’t have any bad side effects (that I experienced) but they aren’t exactly natural. I’m not one to push for pills to be healthy, I’m not against it but I like exploring the natural ways. This being said about 5 months ago I decided that’s it! I’m done with these pills! I would take 2 pills a week until I had no more and I refused to buy any more.

The first month was ok, the second was not bad but then the third month I was feeling it. I was eating spinach and red meat like it was out of style, I was putting much effort in my diet to get my level higher and yet it felt like it was heading no where. This past month was very tough because of my lack of energy.

I’m glad I tried not taking these pills and I might try again in a few years but for now I need them. On Thursday last week I slept the whole day (I was not just tired but exhausted from my trip) then on Friday I went to bed at 6pm and woke up at 8am the next day and yet I was still tried. This is weird for me because I usually have such a hard time falling asleep.

Now I have to find a balance, do I want to keep sleeping but always feel tired? Or do I want to have energy but have a hard time falling asleep?

Being tired all the time affected my mood, I wasn’t being who God was calling me to be. I was always taking the easier route when I knew God was calling me to take the harder one. So today I bought some iron pills and I will restart taking one a day for at least a month. Then I will see what happens. One day at a time, this is how we learn.


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