You are beautiful

Be who you’re called to be. This is a statement that I try to live by but it’s not easy. Who am I supposed to be?

For so many years I struggled with my weight. I’m not exactly the skinniest person out there and media tries to sell the idea that the skinnier we are the better looking we are. I sadly believed it but didn’t do anything about it. I just thought well I’m overweight which mean I’m unlovable. That it so wrong!!


I was stuck living these lies, oh a fat person can’t do this, a fat person can’t do that. But all of this changed when I started discovering who I really am. We are so much more than our appearance. What defines who we are? I believe we define who we are by God’s grace. Now this can be taken out of context but what I mean with that is God gives us graces and we have to use them.
When I was in high school I was the fat kid in class and this always brought me down. Then university came and I was hanging out with a bunch of people who were accepting. But also during this time I was actually putting effort on my appearance. Instead of driving or busing I would bike everywhere and I significantly lost weight. I was starting to feel happier but it wasn’t because of the weight lose but because I was feeling healthier.

Many things have changed since university and my health has only been getting better with a balanced diet and a workout schedule. These days I go out for a swim not just because I want to stay healthy but because I enjoy it and made many friends at the pool.

We are all made in God’s image, we are all beautiful and we are all worthy to be pursued. Something that has helped me with this self consciousness is to put something up in my bathroom mirror. I made a small sign that says You are beautiful and I decorated and made it look pretty. I read it a few times day and sometimes it means something sometimes I just read it because it’s there.

d26a83fbaa7a8f29975b6b126a4c8e4fLadies, we all come in different shapes and size but we are all so beautiful with different qualities, different fortes and different mentalities. I wish I would of made this discovery when I was younger but I guess that’s part of journeying through life.

Don’t care about your weight but rather think about your health and your future. Anything is possible by the grace of God.

This is still a touchy subject with me but I think the more I open up about it and the more I talk about it the more I will be accepting of myself.

My Catholic Living

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