Brushing my soul

Here’s a song to listen while reading:

What do our souls and brushing teeth have in common? I was asking myself that same questions but I had this random thought that came to me during mass today.

Going to mass in a state of mortal sin is like eating a delicious vanilla cake without having brushed your teeth for five days. This cake is still good but it could be better. Just like going to mass in this state isn’t wrong but it could be better.

Going to confession is the best way to clean the soul just like brushing our teeth is the best way to clean our mouth. And when we clean our soul we can better live out the mass. Same with brushing your teeth, when you do so the cake will taste much better. 

All this to say that if I want a better experience I have to prepare myself in advance. This might sound simple and it should be simple. This preparation will help bring a healthier life. (maybe not eating too much cake) But brushing your teeth is something healthy to do just as admitting our faults is something important to do as well. I have seen people who aren’t Catholic admit their faults and work on them more than other people who consider themselves Catholic. Just because you consider yourself something it doesn’t mean you are.

If I say that I am a dog does it mean I’m a dog? No I’m still a human, made in God’s image BUT I try to better myself, I strive to become the best version of myself.

The readings from today really touched me as well (John 13:31-33, 34-35). Jesus said Little Children what beauty in there. The way I see is that Jesus sees us as little children, we are naive, we are supposed to be in complete surrender to God’s will just like babies with their guardian. Not in this gospel but in another one Jesus said Let the little children come to me. Another beautiful verse. God is calling us to be childlike in our faith. Trust and love God just like a child trusts and loves their guardian.


The last verse in this gospel is It is by your love for one another, that everyone will recognize you as my disciples.

Wow! We have to love one another without words and more so with actions. We don’t have to prove the love but just show it. We shouldn’t have to tell people  Yes I’m Christian because I do this and that. No! People should know you are a Christians by your actions.

This makes me think of the lyrics of a song And they’ll know we are Christians by our love…’

Am I having to prove I’m a Christian or am I actually living my life as a Christian?

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22 thoughts on “Brushing my soul

    1. So if Catholic means universal it would be redundant to add an adjective to such a word. It’s like saying ‘absolutely certain’. If you say ‘certain’ you are already sure and don’t need the word ‘absolutely’. But I don’t think I would to explain that….


      1. The RCC has strayed so far from the “Catholic” meaning it is ridiculous. The Roman Catholics claim they have given us the bible, but wait….what about the OT? The RCC only surfaced around 300 AD. And has remained defiant to God’s Word ever since! Mary worship etc.


      2. Please read about the first 300 years of Church history which is pre Constantine. Since much of what they claim about Constantine inventing the Church which is the beginning of an apostate era they believe in the Church, is wrong.

        The Old Testament prophesied the Catholic Church in the new covenant fulfilled by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church is the church that Jesus Christ established; CERTAINLY NOT the man made churches people think they belong to.

        The bible (new and old testament) was compiled by the Catholic Church and written by Catholics, anyone who think Constantine invented the Catholic church does not know Church history, has not bothered to read the writings of the early Church fathers in the first 300 years of the church, and also do not know Catholicism; what Catholics believe, the faith with doctrines and dogma, and have fallen prey to myths not facts.


  1. If you read John’s Letter, you will see that to love God, is to obey God. You actually do have to prove that to God by avoiding sins and learning to hate sins which are directly opposed to what God has stated or commanded. You are expected to work on growing in holiness, that is, in developing habits which are most pleasing to God. The whole cake-eating thing is not much different than a spouse who goes out and commits adultery with a stranger and then, without bathing, returns to the spouse for sexual gratification. It’s really, really foul to the spouse, disrespectful and endangers the spouse with potential STD’s.


      1. I was thinking of this as I was writing: You, my child, shall be called the prophet of the Most High; *
        for you will go before the Lord to prepare his way,
        to give his people knowledge of salvation *
        by the forgiveness of their sins.
        (Canticle of Zechariah)


      2. You prove it by really trying and not counting progress beyond getting to the sacraments as often as God inspires, I think. Proof is in really trying and caring.

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  2. The fact that you equate mortal sin (sin which directly offends God) with eating a delicious cake means that you really do not know God as a Person deserving of love. That’s the impression I get from your writing. Perhaps you have some bad habits that you need to lose, and you have given Christ some really deep wounds which you need to heal through obedience to His wants.


    1. This was just a random thought that came to mind. I’m not saying they are exactly the same, all I’m saying is that we have to prepare ourselves to be in perfect communion with God. Yes I do have some deep hurt and have offended my God, I am not afraid to admit it but I am also taking proactive steps to heal from that. Life is a journey and we learn from our mistakes but something I learned in 12 Steps is ‘learn from your past, live in the moment and strive for a better future.’ Living that out isn’t easy but it is so worth it.

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  3. The Christian church as an earthly organization recognized the Word of God (John 10:27). And it didn’t give us the Word of God. As well, it was the Jews who gave us the Old Testament. The authenticity of the New Testament documents rests in the inspiration of God through the apostles–not the Catholic Church. Furthermore, the Roman Catholic Church did not give us the Old Testament. The Jews did. How can the Roman Catholic Church claim that it gave us the Bible when it didn’t give us the Old Testament? When the Catholic Church claims that it’s the source of the sacred Scriptures, it is–in effect–placing itself above the Word of God by claiming that through its authority, we received the Word of God.


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