My Promise

I’ve been thinking a lot about my to be godson. He isn’t born yet but I still feel a deep connection with him. He’s definitely a fighter!


Long story short my sister-in-law’s water broke in week 20 but thankfully she didn’t go in labour. Now, they are staying strong, fighting and celebrating that they made it to week 28! It’s not easy putting trust in God, knowing that we can’t do anything to change the situation other than pray and follow His will with an open heart.

Mathieu will be born a fighter, he will know the struggles of life but he will also learn that we are completely powerless. We need to acknowledge that God is on our side.


You don’t know me yet but you will soon enough. I have heard so many things about you and I’m excited to meet you. 

I have noticed that even before you were born you have stirred up your mother and father’s lives. They are falling more and more in love because of you, they are trusting God more because of you. Thank you for helping them grow in holiness and love.

I promise to you that I will do my best to share the faith, to share love, to share joy but most importantly to share God with you. I want to be with you in the good times and in the bad times. Just know that we all have struggles but nothing is too big for God.

You have been helping me deepen my own faith because to me becoming a godmother is more than the physical gifts but it’s about growing as a person. How can I help you on your faith journey?

You are already a blessing to all of us, we love you like you can’t even imagine. God has put you in our lives for a reason and you are already living out your mission.

God bless your soul as we continue journeying together, and bud, I so can’t wait to hold you in my arms and cuddle with you. You are truly a blessing, a gift from God.

Je t’aime mon garçon.



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