Day One You Build, Day Two You Race

Dust everywhere, the smell of sweat and welding, tears of frustration and a bunch of people. This is how I would simply explain the St-Labre 200 event.

The event starts on a Friday and you receive equipment to build a go-kart.  You have to build it strong because in 24 hours you will be racing against all the other teams. You have to do 200 laps which equals 50 miles.

Do you think you have the strength?

I really enjoy this event and have been participating in it ever since I heard my brothers arguing who could build the best go-kart. I tell you, they would argue hours on end and have some sort of race but it was always unfair because they couldn’t use the same material. They once even used my mother’s lawnmower motor….

As you might of noticed my family is very competitive. Someone needs to win no matter what. Something as simple as counting the fastest, someone needs to be better than other. Actually, we used to a play a dice game, we would sit around a table and roll the dice.  Every time someone rolled a six they could grab their piece of paper and start writing the numbers from 1 to 100. Meanwhile the dice goes around until someone else rolls a 6 and steals the pen from you. Silly game eh? But someone needed to win. (It got pretty vicious sometimes) Continue reading “Day One You Build, Day Two You Race”

Feast of the Visitation

Happy feast of the Visitation!
This is one of my favourite feasts, actually, it probably is my favourite feast.

There is so much intimacy between Mary and Elizabeth. They had that special bond of both carrying God given children. Children make adults bond, they give the adults something to talk about.

I think I posted this clip before but it explains very much why I love the visitation. The speaker is Archbishop Murray Chatlain, an incredible man full of love, knowledge and wisdom. I can listen to this man speak for hours.


I hope you’re having a great day 🙂

My Catholic Living

Take a Breather

After a few stressful days filled with many uncertainties I was able to take a step back and spend a day alone at the Bishop’s cabin in total silence (sorta).


I wasn’t permitted to go to the house because the priests were on retreat and I didn’t want to be in the way or bother them. So I took advantage of this situation and thought well, since I worked during the weekend I can take a day off. And so I did I went to the office on Wednesday, took Thursday off and came to the office this morning.

Thursday was a bitter sweet day. I got to enjoy some quiet time, some chill time, some joy filled time, some shameful time and most importantly some alone time.  Even though during my long drives I’m mostly alone I still need some time alone when I’m not driving. It started with a not so good morning with contemplating my sins and being over scrupulous and this led me to sin in a way I wasn’t expecting.

As soon as I noticed what I had done I knew I had to do something to change my thoughts so I went outside. I walked around the yard, put my feet in the lake, read a book, did a bit of homework and fell asleep. When I woke up I was still bothered by my thoughts so I decided to do something different, I climbed a tree. Now I know this might sound weird coming from an adult but you know when you just have to do something different to change thoughts? Well, this worked this time.  Continue reading “Take a Breather”

Needing Help ≠ Failure

You know when you have a friend but not the friend you see every week. The friend that you see maybe once a year and yet when you meet up it’s like you’re the best of friends. She knows about my struggles and my road of recovery and she said she’s been getting to understand it more because I’m blogging about it. That being said, she really opened up about some of her own struggles. She said that if I (Céline) can write about it then she can open up to me.

At first she was just asking me questions about my blog, then questions about certain posts and eventually about recovery. I knew she wanted to talk about something in particular but I didn’t want to force it out of her.


As time went on she said something like I’m tired of beating around the bush, I wanted to hang out with you for a specific reason. This is something I’ve been struggling with my whole life and I can’t keep on doing what I’m doing. I need your help.

I was shocked that she would trust me so much with the struggle she shared. I mean, since I’ve opened up, others have been opening up to me. This is a great blessing and I would even say it’s a grace and a road of healing.

Because I’ve been reading about the different types of addictions and different approaches on recovery I was able to share an article I had read not too long ago. The Stages of Porn Addiction Yes this is about a pornography addiction but change the word porn to any addiction and it’s fitting.  Continue reading “Needing Help ≠ Failure”

Weird Days

I don’t know what’s going on with me but I’ve been having really weird days. The oddest things have been happening and I’m going to try to write it down but it’s most likely not going to make sense to any of you.

I usually wake up early in the mornings so that I can spend a bit of time in prayer before actually starting my day. I try to be awake by 7:00 so that I have time to get ready, have personal prayer time and then head to the chapel for Lauds (morning prayer).elephant_3

Yesterday I woke up at what I thought was 7:40 and thought holy smokes! I only have 5 minutes to head to the chapel. I got dressed as quick as I could and ran

There was a calmness in the house, something I had not experienced in such a long time. It was really peaceful, a moment where time had stopped. I walked in the chapel and no one was there (other than Jesus of course), I sat down and looked at the time. It’s 6:45…. I still had an hour before prayer…. I spent a bit of time in the chapel and went back to my room because I wanted to look up something in a book of mine, I ended up falling asleep again…. A great start to the day…. Continue reading “Weird Days”

We Love Janers

Janers is a wonderful woman, full of love, peaceful, encouraging and most of all she recognizes how much she has been blessed by God.

11193267_10205074187468976_7900915230767685624_nShe inspires me to become a better person by living out what God is giving me. She’s bringing out the good in others and challenges us to trust more and more in God’s will.

But little do people know is that Janers is suffering a lot. Her kidneys are shutting down on her meaning that she needs to have dialysis really often.

I can’t even imagine my kidneys shutting down on me. I would feel so hopeless and yet Janers takes advantage of this situation. Whenever she is having dialysis she is praying, she’s thinking, meditating and even contemplating the mysteries of life.

I have to say that in the little time that I’ve know Janers I have come to really appreciate her as a person. She is helping me on my road to recovery and is guiding me closer to God.

You can read more about it here:

Janers, I really appreciate our friendship and this is why I want to help you fundraise for your kidney transplant.

If you feel inclined to donated feel free to visit this page: Continue reading “We Love Janers”


Ugh I can’t cook, I like to cook but it is not one of my natural gifts. I almost burnt down the house yesterday….

Yesterday we had a french mass and I wanted to get in my french mode. This mass was in the evening so I figured I could cook a traditional french Canadian dinner, the typical tourtière (meat pie). During my lunch break I cooked the meat with all the ingredients. It had to cool down but there was still a bit of liquid in it so I just turned off the element and went to the office.

I got to the office around 1:20 and had a meeting at 2 which was going well until the parish priest knocks on the door and wants to talk to me. I get out of the Archbishop’s office and I smell something funny but I don’t mention anything. Then he starts talking…. Celine…. Continue reading “I’M NOT A COOK!”