Day of grace

One more file on my desk, one more file to look at later when I have time. Things are stacking up. I feel like this is a good thing because it guarantees that I always have something to work on (not that I doubt running out of work).

These past few days have been going by so quick! Last weekend I went to a Catholic Women’s League of Canada (CWL) convention and was inspired by the many women there. Next year we will be hosting this convention and I already have many ideas to make it awesome and memorable. This convention was held at a really small mining town. The drive there was peaceful (even though I was in a car with women who like to talk) and especially with the falls we saw on the way. hiking-over-the-falls

There is so much beauty in the Wekusko falls. 

After this faith filled weekend I had to head to Winnipeg to pick up a vehicle. One of our priests was going to Winnipeg on Monday so I went with him. On the way there I was able to ask a lot of questions and deepen my understanding of the faith.The 624 kms with him were filled with joy, tears and sleep. I drove most of the way and let Father sleep because I knew he was tired.

When I got to Winnipeg I picked up the car and went straight to my oldest sister’s place for dinner. All the girls of the family were gathered to celebrate both my mother’s birthday, happy 59th birthday mom, and also mother’s day. It was nice to be around family. I ended this long day by going out with my youngest sister. I encouraged her to stay in the city with me so we could spend just a little more time together.

The next day blew my mind. It started with dropping off my sister where she had to go and going to adoration. When I lived in Winnipeg I often went to this Perpetual Adoration Chapel, I even had a key to go at all hours of the day/night. This key was given to me by a dear friend. I couldn’t think of any better gift than something that brings me closer to God. Later in the morning I met up with a friend and again, we had a another faith filled morning. We went to confession, adoration, rosary and mass. I thought that I would of gotten tired of all this but it really pushed me to get into deep contemplation with God.

After this we sat down by the river and just talked, talked about important things and also about nothingness. I cherish the time I am able to spend with people in silence. Like I have mentioned a few times, there is beauty in silence. Being the restl9e51289a3ad6bf22185eeae47536d573ess people that we both are, we decided to keep walking instead of just sitting by the river. We probably walked for another two hours until I decided that I wanted to show my friend the Adoration Chapel that I greatly love. A few hops and skips and we were back into Adoration.

Time flew by that day. I spent more time with God, in the sacraments, in contemplation, in adoration than spending time with my friend. It was a great day, I hope something like this happens again, BUT, my day didn’t end there. After all this excitement I got to visit with my sister-in-law, my brother and their baby. I so can’t wait to finally meet this little guy. The love I have for him is unimaginable. I can’t even fathom God loving us more than I love this baby.

Not only did I spend time with this small family but I made sure to spend time with my cousin. She and I went to school together, same class but she is a year older than me. She was born in January and I was born in December. It’s so easy to get disconnected from people when they are far away. Even if we only spend an hour together when I’m in the city I feel like it’s worth every seconds.

Now I’m not saying this just to give you an update on what’s going on in my life but rather to show you the answer to a prayer. Before all of this business happened I told God I want to get to know you better, help me see the little joys in life. I truly believe that what I experienced in those few days were an answer to that prayer.

God is good.

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