Ugh I can’t cook, I like to cook but it is not one of my natural gifts. I almost burnt down the house yesterday….

Yesterday we had a french mass and I wanted to get in my french mode. This mass was in the evening so I figured I could cook a traditional french Canadian dinner, the typical tourtière (meat pie). During my lunch break I cooked the meat with all the ingredients. It had to cool down but there was still a bit of liquid in it so I just turned off the element and went to the office.

I got to the office around 1:20 and had a meeting at 2 which was going well until the parish priest knocks on the door and wants to talk to me. I get out of the Archbishop’s office and I smell something funny but I don’t mention anything. Then he starts talking…. Celine…. you left the element on high…. you have to cook something else for dinner. The meat is now one burnt patty.

All I could think was it can’t be that bad, father always complains about my cooking. 

After this meeting I went to the house to see the damage and I wasn’t even in the house yet and I could smell it. I went straight to the kitchen and could smell the damage. I found the pot and it was definitely one burnt patty of meat. The smell, I can’t even describe it and it was everywhere. This house is going to smell like burnt beef for the next 5 weeks, it’s really bad.

I put a fan on and quickly went to the store to get groceries and more beef. I was determined to make this tourtière for french night. I got back home, did what I had to do and noticed we didn’t have any potatoes which is actually an ingredient in this meal… UGH! I’m not going back to the store so I just made it without.

Now, I was thinking about this situation and many things came to my mind. To start off with, I was really embarrassed. I wanted to mask everything that happened but I couldn’t. A reminder that we have to live with the result of our choices. Masking things doesn’t mean they never happened.

But looking at the big picture, it reminded me of confession. So many times we put our sins on the back burner (no pun intended) and just let them simmer. Simmering is good because it give us time to think about what we did but it’s also a reminder that we can’t stay in the simmering stage. Simmering too long leads to burning.

Exactly the same with confession, when we think too much about what we’ve done it can lead to a state of dwelling in sin, despair. We have to stop the simmering at the right time and deal with the situation. When we leave it to simmer too long we desperately need to go to confession and start over.  Start over from the beginning and learn from our mistakes.

We have to use our resources correctly. The element on a stove can be used well but it can also be misused. Look at your resources and observe them. It’s like confession, it’s a great resource, a sacrament, but it can be misused.

Which resource am I misusing?

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