Needing Help ≠ Failure

You know when you have a friend but not the friend you see every week. The friend that you see maybe once a year and yet when you meet up it’s like you’re the best of friends. She knows about my struggles and my road of recovery and she said she’s been getting to understand it more because I’m blogging about it. That being said, she really opened up about some of her own struggles. She said that if I (Céline) can write about it then she can open up to me.

At first she was just asking me questions about my blog, then questions about certain posts and eventually about recovery. I knew she wanted to talk about something in particular but I didn’t want to force it out of her.


As time went on she said something like I’m tired of beating around the bush, I wanted to hang out with you for a specific reason. This is something I’ve been struggling with my whole life and I can’t keep on doing what I’m doing. I need your help.

I was shocked that she would trust me so much with the struggle she shared. I mean, since I’ve opened up, others have been opening up to me. This is a great blessing and I would even say it’s a grace and a road of healing.

Because I’ve been reading about the different types of addictions and different approaches on recovery I was able to share an article I had read not too long ago. The Stages of Porn Addiction Yes this is about a pornography addiction but change the word porn to any addiction and it’s fitting. 

I really enjoyed the part where they described the differences between the three stages. I can very much relate to that and I knew that my friend could too. There are different challenges and struggles in these three stages.

I remember being in my friends shoes. I wanted to tell someone but was too prideful to seek this help. As soon as I sought help I was on the road to recovery.

Now, I beg you, if you struggle with habitual sin please tell someone. Get an accountability partner, someone you can trust, someone you can talk to about anything and everything at any hour and most important someone who loves God.

Having that basic common interest of God is important. Without God my road to recovery would of headed no where. And this is even talked about in 12 steps. Step two is acknowledging that there is a Higher Power and this Higher Power is most definitely God.

Take it one moment at a time and if needed seek professional help. I sought professional help and I’m in a much better state now, thanks be to God.

And also, know that you’re not alone. If ever you need someone to talk to feel free to contact me. I’m not an expert but I’m in recovery, I’m learning.

I wish you a God filled recovery.

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7 thoughts on “Needing Help ≠ Failure

  1. I can relate with this article very well.. I had a kind of addiction as a result of a complexed life growing up; it was in fact result of years of oppression. I couldn’t get professional help. In secular world that habitual sin is not a sin at all. Only the sacrament of confession could heal me. Not one, two, three.. I might have gone through tens of confessions and a real fight with the demon when I finally

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      1. Confession is definitely a biggy! And I would even say that confession is more important than professional help because it’s lifting the weight off the shoulders, a new beginning, compared to professional help which only helps with the approaches on recovery. Although, sometimes, both of these are needed. Keep fighting the good fight!!

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      2. I just found this quote..: ‘In trying to get rid of bad habits, it is of the greatest importance not to put off going to confession after a fall, and also to keep to the same confessor.’

        St. Philip Neri

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      3. There are special graces for those who always go to the same priest for confession. This pass year I’ve been struggling a lot with going to confession because I’ve been put in an odd situation. I knew the importance of confession and yet I was still avoiding it. Thankfully I was able to build up the courage to ask for confession when needed. The priest is in Jesus’ shoes, we are confessing to Jesus not the priest.

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      4. Oh! I’ll pray for you sister.. I was in a similar situation. I get chance to go to confession once in 2-3 months and I don’t happen to confess to the same priest. I was fortunate to be guided by some holy priests who were very compassionate and filled with the Holy Spirit. Those confessions were life changing.

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      5. It’s nice to have those deep rooted, solid, holy priests we can go to. Thank God you have them in your life.
        Thank you for the prayers. I always appreciate when people pray for me. Carol, I will also keep you in my prayers. And remember that God loves you not for your efforts but for who you are as person. He looks at you with pure love and says ‘look at my beautiful daughter, she makes me so proud’.


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