Take a Breather

After a few stressful days filled with many uncertainties I was able to take a step back and spend a day alone at the Bishop’s cabin in total silence (sorta).


I wasn’t permitted to go to the house because the priests were on retreat and I didn’t want to be in the way or bother them. So I took advantage of this situation and thought well, since I worked during the weekend I can take a day off. And so I did I went to the office on Wednesday, took Thursday off and came to the office this morning.

Thursday was a bitter sweet day. I got to enjoy some quiet time, some chill time, some joy filled time, some shameful time and most importantly some alone time.  Even though during my long drives I’m mostly alone I still need some time alone when I’m not driving. It started with a not so good morning with contemplating my sins and being over scrupulous and this led me to sin in a way I wasn’t expecting.

As soon as I noticed what I had done I knew I had to do something to change my thoughts so I went outside. I walked around the yard, put my feet in the lake, read a book, did a bit of homework and fell asleep. When I woke up I was still bothered by my thoughts so I decided to do something different, I climbed a tree. Now I know this might sound weird coming from an adult but you know when you just have to do something different to change thoughts? Well, this worked this time. 

I was just chillin’ in my tree. Sitting on branch, looking at the waves on the lake, listening to the birds chirping and enjoying the nice cool breeze. God was for sure pursuing me in that very moment.

Enjoy the joys of life because this life is shorter than we realize. Don’t let the negative aspects of life bring you down because you are much more than your struggles. Let God enter into your heart and pursue you. He is wanting all your love, He is wanting all your heart, He is wanting all of you. Let Him love you.

How is God pursuing me today?

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