Day One You Build, Day Two You Race

Dust everywhere, the smell of sweat and welding, tears of frustration and a bunch of people. This is how I would simply explain the St-Labre 200 event.

The event starts on a Friday and you receive equipment to build a go-kart.  You have to build it strong because in 24 hours you will be racing against all the other teams. You have to do 200 laps which equals 50 miles.

Do you think you have the strength?

I really enjoy this event and have been participating in it ever since I heard my brothers arguing who could build the best go-kart. I tell you, they would argue hours on end and have some sort of race but it was always unfair because they couldn’t use the same material. They once even used my mother’s lawnmower motor….

As you might of noticed my family is very competitive. Someone needs to win no matter what. Something as simple as counting the fastest, someone needs to be better than other. Actually, we used to a play a dice game, we would sit around a table and roll the dice.  Every time someone rolled a six they could grab their piece of paper and start writing the numbers from 1 to 100. Meanwhile the dice goes around until someone else rolls a 6 and steals the pen from you. Silly game eh? But someone needed to win. (It got pretty vicious sometimes)

I’m off track now (no pun intended) but I was just saying that to prove how competitive we are. All this led to us having this two day event. We originally didn’t think people would actually come and join the fun but the first year was a big success. All the money raised goes to charity so it’s a win-win situation. We have fun and help a good cause.

Every year we’ve been hosting it we’ve been having more and more people joining in the race but also coming for the entertainment. There are events for the whole family such as a remote control race cars (rcrc), rubber boot toss, backhoe rodeo, some sort of cook-off, bouncy castles, volley-ball and much much more. It’s crazy that we’re able to pack all of this in a 2 day event.

Oh we also have a sanctioned arm wrestling competition. Now this is pretty neat because it’s official and some people come out just for that.

If ever you feel like racing, I challenge you because I’ve been racing almost every year and I’m ready to win!!

A big thanks to all the volunteers and the committee. I can see the countless hours you’ve been putting into this and we really can’t thank you enough. A big thanks to Joe for letting us build a track in your yard. And a hand of applause to all the spouses who stay at home to watch the kids while their husbands prepare for the big weekend. Keep up the good work!

To add a bit of a Catholic part to this, long story short we do have a Catholic Church in our small town of St-Labre. When I say small I mean tiny, population 35 (maybe). BUT, we still have mass every second weekend (the other weekend we have to drive 20 minutes away). We makes sure that we host this event when mass is in St-Labre. Now that is what you call working around the Catholic schedule. That weekend almost feels like Christmas or Easter because the church is quite full.

Ok, enough tangents for me today. Come to the races!!! For those of you in the USA, you can’t tell me it’s too far because it’s like 20 minutes from the closest border crossing AND it’s most likely a further drive for me to get there so there’s no excuse, come to the race!!!

You can read more about St-Labre 200 on the  website or the Facebook.


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