Lily of the Mohawks

I didn’t choose saint Kateri, Saint Kateri chose me. And I sincerely believe that.

Before really coming back to the faith I was for some reason interested in the Aboriginal and Metis culture, I felt like I was one of them even though deep down I knew I wasn’t. My culture is French Canadian… (sounds pretty boring).


At the end of my first year of university I joined something called ReconciliACTION which was basically a group that was trying to learn about how we could reconcile with the First Nations. I learned a lot that year even though I could not devote much time to it. Through this program I got to take another program called Returning to Spirit and this is something that really boosted my faith.

It talked about how we live in a cycle, we choose is we want to live in a positive or a negative cycle. We have to deal with things from our past because otherwise it is going to affect our present and future. We have to learn from the past, live in the moment and strive for a better future.I really fell in love with the Aboriginal and Metis culture. Somewhere deep down I knew I would work with these people because I loved them before I even met them.

At the end of the my second year of university we had a trip planned to go visit many different reserves in BC. I was pumped!! until I looked at my schedule. I couldn’t go because I had summer classes and they were exactly at the same time as the trip. This was a big bummer for me. And it actually affected me in a deeper way. You  know when you think you’re doing God’s will and then all of sudden He’s like Nope you’re not doing that yet. Continue reading “Lily of the Mohawks”

I am wonderfully made

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep, I was counting sheep, 1, 2, 3, I hear music, I wonder what song this is? I remember my grad, I had a blast. Remember the banquet? Yes I got wear a beautiful dress and feel like a princess. And my thoughts went on and on. (Mean while I could hear someone snore in the room beside mine)

I’ve been pretty busy so before last night I was able to sleep pretty well. You know when you have jam packed days and when it come to sleep you don’t even remember putting your head on your pillow, you’re asleep before you even know you’re asleep. Well that’s what’s been happening (other than last night).

I got to sleep in which was great, I woke up around 8:30, had a quick breakfast and morning prayer. I was sitting in the living room enjoying the view. The house is on a hill and there’s a river below. I could over look the river and see further in the trees. The pelican and ducks were just floating along minding their own business. Then all of a sudden I see two teenagers walking on the street which is quite normal. One was limping and the other one kept bending down. I was wondering what was happening and then he got sick rolls eyes this must of been the result of the grad.

Why can’t we be reasonable?  I mean drinking to the point of getting sick is not normal but for some people it’s a sense of comfort. It’s not the sickness that they want but it’s the high from drinking. It’s their way of letting go. It’s clearly not a healthy way but who am I to condemn when I have struggled with that myself.

This made me think of the psalm from the feast of Saint John the Baptist, I praise you, for I am wonderfully made.  It doesn’t matter what we do, we can’t hide from God. He knows the depths of our heart, he knows when we sit and when we stand, He is the one that knit us in our mother’s womb.

If we knew how much God loves us we wouldn’t be running off doing our own thing. In fact we would be busy doing God’s will that our will wouldn’t even matter. God made us and yet we’re ready to reject Him sometimes. Sin is what separates us from Him but thankfully we have repentance, we have mercy, we have forgiveness.

Don’t forget the ultimate sacrifice Jesus suffered for all of us to be here today.

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One Strep Closer

I tried getting a catchy title today but I guess people won’t get it so I’ll have to give you a small hint….strep throat… going home.. One step closer to home but strep throat being in the middle of it.

I feel like crap today. I thought I was getting better yesterday but today ugh today it’s worse. On Tuesday I went to the walk in clinic (my first time there) and to my surprise I waited about half a second before they called me in the doctors office.

The doctor came right away, looked at the back of my throat and told me without hesitating, you have strep throat and you’ve had it for probably just under a month and a half. I was shocked because my throat had only started hurting on Monday. He asked me if I was tired and all I could say was Holy smokes yes! I’ve sleeping which isn’t normal for me. I blamed the fatigue on my travels but apparently it was something else.

Now, from what I heard, usually they give out amoxicilin  (a type of antibiotics) to fight this but I had a reaction to it many years ago so he prescribed something different.

When I went to the pharmacy they told me that what he prescribed was in the same family and that I most likely would react to it but the pharmacist it’s worth a try. Today is Thursday and I haven’t reacted to it yet but if it’s like last time I will only react on day 5 (or something like that). Continue reading “One Strep Closer”

Dream and day

What a great morning! Last night I played down in bed around 8 because I was just so drained and I kept dozing off but waking up again. The slightest noise would catch my attention and eventually around 9 I most likely fell asleep.

I had a dream that I was driving a tractor, something like this one:

And we were 4 in the cab, my youngest sister, my twin nieces and myself. Now you have to understand that there a small, tiny hill between the farm and my parents place. For some reason I wasn’t able to drive over this hill. For some reason I had to start up on a high gear and before reaching the top of the hill the tractor would stall and we would back down the hill. For some other random reason my other niece was walking on the road and I almost ran her over so after freaking out I told her to come in the tractor. We were now 5 in the cab. Now you might think there’s a lot of room in that cab…. You also have to understand that this tractor has a GPS, a computer and auto-steering. All these things take up a lot of room. Just before I woke up we made it up the hill. Yay! Continue reading “Dream and day”

Joy amongst Sickness

Last night was rough. I’m the type of person that has my phone somewhere around me most of the time but it’s always on silent. The phone is either in my bag, on the counter, on the desk…. rarely in my pocket or even in my hand. It’s somewhere in my surrounding. Like right now I’m sitting at my desk at the office and my phone is on the desk beside mine (on the complete other side of the room).

I’ve been very much under the weather this week. I caught some sort of flu and the weather has been gloomy so that hasn’t been helping. And I’m also stressed.

After evening prayer I decided to call my oldest sister and we talked for a bit. I got to see two of my nieces as well which was great. While talking I was painting, it was very relaxing. My phone died and so the conversation ended quite abruptly. I went straight to bed because I had a really bad headache, sore throat and a difficulty swallowing. I slept for a bit and when I woke up I noticed I don’t have any clean clothes for tomorrow!!  So I did a bit of laundry.  Continue reading “Joy amongst Sickness”

Painting with a Purpose

I don’t really paint for the end result but I paint to relax and this is something I’m actually learning to do.

At first I thought painting was more about the end result but it’s about how you get there. Just like getting to Heaven, we all want that but if we don’t take the steps towards that direction we won’t get there.
Don’t just worship on Sundays at mass but live out the gospel every single day of your life. It’s by living it out every day that we get closer to God. It’s by painting every day that we get better end results.

Now I know I’m not the greatest artist out there but I know I’ve been improving and that is what matters for me right now.

Just like I know I’ve been deepening my faith, I also know that I’ve been getting more painting skills.

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