Making my House a Home

What makes a house a home? For the pass few years I’ve been moving from one place to another never fully understanding the concept of making a house a home. But something clicked in me the other day, have I been making MY house a home?


I want to believe I’ve been doing that but first let’s explore what this means. What is the difference between a house and a home? From my perspective a house is just somewhere you sleep, eat and spend time and a home is all of those plus a place of comfort, a place of peace, a place of prayer and a place where communication is key.

When I was on the Catholic Outreach team I shared a room with two other women at first the house just felt like a house because I wasn’t too comfortable with the other two ladies. As time went on I was comfortable enough to call it a home because I could trust these ladies. Speaking of these ladies, I really miss them ❤ Because of my travels I don’t get to see them often and yet I still feel like we could talk about just anything. 

Where I’m living now it’s just recently that I started calling it a home. To give you a bit more information about the situation, I live in a really big house with what feels like 100 rooms (probably closer to 20) and we sometimes host people. I have my own living room, bedroom and bathroom which is great. I can design it like I want.

Three weekends ago I redesigned it, added paintings, photos and quotes to the wall. It really feels like home but this isn’t what makes it a home. What really makes it a home is when Bishop and I had a meeting, he said I really hope you plan on staying here long term because I appreciate the work you do, I appreciate your energy and your presence in the house.

These words were just like a hug. It warmed my heart and confirmed that what I am doing has an impact on people. All the more glory to God.

I love the people I live with and I couldn’t imagine a better situation for this very moment. My housemates are very encouraging and helpful. If ever I have a question whether it’s about faith, life, food or relationship these men always have a good answer for me. You guys are great and I want to thank you for helping me grow closer to God.

My Catholic Living

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