One Strep Closer

I tried getting a catchy title today but I guess people won’t get it so I’ll have to give you a small hint….strep throat… going home.. One step closer to home but strep throat being in the middle of it.

I feel like crap today. I thought I was getting better yesterday but today ugh today it’s worse. On Tuesday I went to the walk in clinic (my first time there) and to my surprise I waited about half a second before they called me in the doctors office.

The doctor came right away, looked at the back of my throat and told me without hesitating, you have strep throat and you’ve had it for probably just under a month and a half. I was shocked because my throat had only started hurting on Monday. He asked me if I was tired and all I could say was Holy smokes yes! I’ve sleeping which isn’t normal for me. I blamed the fatigue on my travels but apparently it was something else.

Now, from what I heard, usually they give out amoxicilin  (a type of antibiotics) to fight this but I had a reaction to it many years ago so he prescribed something different.

When I went to the pharmacy they told me that what he prescribed was in the same family and that I most likely would react to it but the pharmacist it’s worth a try. Today is Thursday and I haven’t reacted to it yet but if it’s like last time I will only react on day 5 (or something like that).

In theory I shouldn’t be contagious anymore, actually I was told that I wasn’t contagious by the time I went to see the doctor.

Last night this situation got me thinking, how often do we try to fix things in our lives by ourselves? How many times have I gone through spiritual warfare and struggled on my own or talked about it to someone who is toxic? The answer is too many times. The solution was obviously to talk to God about it even though it felt like it was impossible.

Sometimes we feel like we’re getting better but instead we’ve put ourselves in a situation that is actually worse. It’s like when a teenager has a fight with one their parents and to feel better (and to have revenge) they get into a dating relationship with someone they know their parents would definitely not approve of. This might bring comfort to the teenager’s situation but is it actually helping?

Too many times we think we’re doing something positive but we’re really just hurting ourselves or hurting others.

I’ll have to ponder more on this tonight as I will be busing to the city, it’s a 10 hour ride but it’s so worth it! I will get to see my little, tiny new nephew!!!!!


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2 thoughts on “One Strep Closer

  1. hope you are feeling better!!!! I grew up having strep throat throughout my entire childhood. Best thing for relief is gargle warm salt water, especially before and after you eat! I always ate soup broth and ice cream. I could never eat something which had to be chewed. Loved how you related the story with your thoughts. Love and God Bless, SR


    1. It was much worse than strep throat because somehow in went in my lungs. I’m doing much better, thanks be to God. I went to the clinic a few times but they couldn’t figure out what it was. I had a blast with is because I completely lost my voice, it was great!!! I sounded like a chipmunk.
      I hope you have a great Sunday. God bless you, MCL


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