A Heart’s Journey

Hug me just a little longer, just a little tighter. I don’t know when I will see you next. Put this hug in your pocket and keep it until you really need it. These extra cuddles are for you when you’re having a bad day. Don’t waste them on selfishness or pride.

Your heart beats at the same rhythm  as mine, you sigh when I sigh, you roll your eyes when I roll my eyes and nod when I nod. If perfection existed on this earth you would be a close definition.

I remember when we first met, I was shy, annoyed, jealous, confused and yet you seemed so calm and collected. I knew you had struggles but you didn’t want to open up about them. You knew I had struggles and I would never open up to you because I didn’t want you to see my weakness. But now you see my weakness, you know my brokenness and you accept it. You accept it and you still love me. You shared about your weakness and to be quite frank your weakness has only made our bond stronger. It’s because of your vulnerability that we started talking.

I couldn’t be with you as you boarded that plane but my heart sank every passing hour knowing you were further and further away. When will I see you again? Deep down I knew this separation needed to happen. You need to get better, concentrate on your health. I will wait. Please don’t ever forget me.

Something out of nothing, something I can’t explain, truly God given. I can’t thank you enough for what we share. What we share is a glimpse of Heaven. When I look into your eyes, I lose myself, my legs become weak and my breaths deeper. When I see your smile I see the smile of God Himself. You have eyes that have a story behind them, darkness coming into light and light shining in others lives. Your face is showered in radiant beauty when we gaze in each others eyes. Is this love? Why do you make my heart giggle?

Keep sharing God with me as I really need Him. Sharing God is the deepest bond two people can have. Lets keep discovering this gift from God, see where God will lead you, me, us. Christ centered is all we can ask for, the rest is extra.

My Catholic Living ❤


3 thoughts on “A Heart’s Journey

    1. Thank you, it actually means a lot hearing that from you. We may not agree on everything but we can agree that God is pure love. A love that we humans really can’t understand, pure sacrifice. God bless your eternal soul.

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