Poland, I’m here!

Journeys come in different ways. Sometimes we journey in the comfort of our home and other times we have to journey out of our comfort zone and in another country.

Yep, you go that right, I’m in Poland!!! It really hasn’t hit me that I’m in another country because our host home is so nice, welcoming and really made us feel at home.

At first I was a bit worried because this was the first time I was going to a place where I did not speak the language. It’s way different than Haiti because in Haiti I had the basic understanding of creole. Here I have no idea what they are saying. For all I know they could be talking about my bad hair day or my bad breath (hopefully I don’t have bad breath).

I’m starting to pick up a few words like dzen dobry and dzeiekuje. (I had to look up the way to write these words) They are not pronounced like they are spelled. Those two expressions mean good morning and thank you.

As I journey through this World Youth Day (you read about WYD here) feel free to send me prayer requests. I want to pray for you and I can garantee that I am.

I’ll try to keep you updated but Internet is limited.

Do zobaczenia (see ya)

Peace in peeps

My Catholic Living

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