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Change is Good


The other day I heard a comment that was very upsetting. The comment was something like bigger women should never wear a bikini because it’s not flattering on them. Now before I keep going on I have to state that I’m actually against women wearing bikinis as I believe they reveal too much but that’s a story for another day


When we’re hurting ourselves we’re hurting God as well.


Saying that a bigger woman can’t do something because it’s not flattering is a complete insult. Read the rest of this entry

Biking fail


Yesterday I was so excited to go for my bike ride, I was going to go on a nice trail through the town and around and zigzag but that dream got crushed pretty fast.

bikeride1During dinner I asked one of my housemate if he wanted to go for a bike ride and to my surprise he said yes! We agreed on a time to meet and then we would leave. I was so pumped!!

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Yes I can.. no I can’


Depression, now this is a hard one to talk about but I was inspired by Jean, a friend of mine. This is what she said I can’t walk forward facing backwards! 14079783_1082420308474192_7302427914441682464_n

Big shout out to Jean as she’s been helping me with this. Without me telling her about what I was going through she knew I needed a shoulder to cry on. You know what she did? She sent me an email with pictures of Mary with quotes and verses. This was an instant pick me up as I knew I wasn’t alone even though I felt as though I was alone.

I have gone through depression and I know how much it can hurt. It’s more than just a mental issue but it’s also physical, emotional and spiritual.  Read the rest of this entry

Psalm 51 Miserere


This has to be my favourite psalm. It’s the psalm I encourage everyone to pray and to pray it everyday. The very thing that I love about this psalm is that everyday something new catches my eye.

I suggest that you start by reading it slowly, then meditate and eventually pray with it. God speaks through Scripture.

This psalm reminds us that we are all sinners and that we are in need of His mercy. Imagine a world without mercy, can you do that? I tried imagining it and what I saw was terrible. Without God’s mercy we wouldn’t have confession. Many of us would be like walking skeletons, we’d be lost, confused with no way to get closer to God. We would most likely all be in a state of mortal sin meaning that we would be completely separated from God. There would be no hope.

Thank God this isn’t our reality! We have a merciful God, a God full of love and peace. A God who gave up His own life for us. He died on that cross for the sins we had not even yet committed.

Have mercy on me, God, in your kindness.jesushands
In your compassion blot out my offense.
O wash me more and more from my guilt
and cleanse me from my sin.

My offenses truly I know them;
my sin is always before me
Against you, you alone, have I sinned;
what is evil in your sight I have done.

That you may be justified when you give sentence
and be without reproach when you judge,
O see, in guilt I was born,
a sinner was I conceived.

Indeed you love truth in the heart;
then in the secret of my heart teach me wisdom.
O purify me, then I shall be clean;
O wash me, I shall be whiter than snow. Read the rest of this entry

Tempted to change


A few days ago I was texting someone and they really put things in perspective. This person had asked me what my plans were for the week and I told them that I was wanting to go back to the pool as I had been lazy ever since I got back from Poland.
What this person replied back was a true challenge, …live like Pope Francis taught us, get off that couch!!!!get-off-that-couch-and-go-build-a-better-world-pope-tells-young-people

I needed to get off that ouch as Pope Francis said while addressing us at WYD in Poland. This led me to thinking about a lot of different things such as temptation. How that subject came to mind is a whole different story.

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Dating… why?



Dating, so many questions and so many uncertainties.

Sometimes we enter into a relationship more so for the status than the other person but hopefully more often it’s because we see a future with this other person. Dating has such a new meaning in this day in age and we really lost the original meaning. Why do we date??

1230722_origIn my perspective dating is all about seeing if the other person is compatible for marriage, it’s about leading the other person closer to heaven. If you can’t lead the other person closer to heaven while dating then you won’t be able to do such thing during marriage. You see, many people think
Oh when we get married I’m going to change this about my spouse but we really can’t think that way because if someone wants change it has to come from within and not from someone else. What you see is what you get.  Read the rest of this entry

*nudge nudge*


Have you ever had that nudge, something that’s pushing you to do something? You know what that nudge means but you just turn around and do your own thing.

Well, I’ve experienced that nudge a few times and too many times I went my own way and ignored that nudge. It’s when I look back that I notice and say Oh hey God I didn’t know that’s where you were calling me or sorry God my way looked much more attractive. 


This is exactly what happened in Poland. Before going to Poland my prayer life was becoming weak, I was losing touch with my Creator and missing the point of life. I was living life as I wanted it to be. While I was sitting in a session at WYD something clicked. I need to work on this relationship. Our relationship with God has to come first and we also have to work on it. It’s not like its just going to happen. It’s the same with our relationship with friends, we have to work on it. It has to be a listen and share type of friendship.

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WYD in a flash


Ok! So here is the long awaited WYD post! Ok, it’S not really long awaited it’s just …well… it just is….


This was the tiny delegation from the Archdiocese

What touched me the most when I was on this pilgrimage was something very small and for many it probably was insignificant. But there was a music video and I wish I could find it. This music video was portraying the different stages in a pregnancy, they showed the weekly development of a baby. Why did this mean so much to me?

Well you might of put two and two together, I’m pregnant! NOO! I’m not pregnant! Read the rest of this entry

Poland, I’m gone!


Here one seconde and gone the other, it feels like I wasn’t even in Poland because we were so busy.

My time in Poland was well spent. I was reflecting on the word community which has two great root words: common and unity. Community means having a common unity. We can be in community with God because we have that common unity, it’s that relationship.

When I was in Lodz for days in the diocese there was a time we had the option of  like 7 sessions that were all going on at the same time and I was interested in all of them. Instead of picking one I decided to go to adoration. This was one of the best decisions I could of done because God kept calling me back to Him.

Sure we can go on a pilgrimage and have fun but then later it hits us, was I there for God or for myself? We have to remind ourselves that we’re on this planet, on this earth for God. The first few days I was in Poland I was living for myself even though I was doing ‘catholic things’. I had to take a step back and really ground myself.  Read the rest of this entry