Poland, I’m gone!

Here one seconde and gone the other, it feels like I wasn’t even in Poland because we were so busy.

My time in Poland was well spent. I was reflecting on the word community which has two great root words: common and unity. Community means having a common unity. We can be in community with God because we have that common unity, it’s that relationship.

When I was in Lodz for days in the diocese there was a time we had the option of  like 7 sessions that were all going on at the same time and I was interested in all of them. Instead of picking one I decided to go to adoration. This was one of the best decisions I could of done because God kept calling me back to Him.

Sure we can go on a pilgrimage and have fun but then later it hits us, was I there for God or for myself? We have to remind ourselves that we’re on this planet, on this earth for God. The first few days I was in Poland I was living for myself even though I was doing ‘catholic things’. I had to take a step back and really ground myself. 

During my time there I was struggling with something and so I talked to two associate of the Chemin Neuf community about it. The advice they gave me couldn’t of been from them but from God. What they said was so clear and to the point. I was blessed in that very moment as I went from adoration in the small chapel to talking with the associates to adoration with everyone else. What a beautiful way to end a night! Little did I know that getting healing from one situation was actually preparing me for what was to come.

I wrote this on the plane but didn’t have internet to post it. It’s a little late but there will be another Poland update with a few pictures coming soon.

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