WYD in a flash

Ok! So here is the long awaited WYD post! Ok, it’S not really long awaited it’s just …well… it just is….

This was the tiny delegation from the Archdiocese

What touched me the most when I was on this pilgrimage was something very small and for many it probably was insignificant. But there was a music video and I wish I could find it. This music video was portraying the different stages in a pregnancy, they showed the weekly development of a baby. Why did this mean so much to me?

Well you might of put two and two together, I’m pregnant! NOO! I’m not pregnant!

It touched me deeply because my sister in law was having complications with her pregnancy and every hour, every day and every week was a new victory. We were closely following the development of our little Mathieu, our little gift from God. It’s really awesome how a baby develops. I mean did you know at 9 weeks a baby already has fingerprints? And a baby’s heart starts beating at 18 days! Yes you read that right, 18 days! That’s just two and half weeks after conception.

Seeing this music video really made me thank God for our little miracle. Mathieu is a living miracle, we are all living miracles.

Another things that struck me was the amount of people there! I mean there were literally millions of people there and yet I was still able to talk to the one Person we had in common, Jesus.

And as bonus, I got to meet people from all over the world!

I just want to remind everyone that when you go on a pilgrimage, bring an intention. Not just a small one but a big one. God will provide an answer, maybe we’re not ready to accept the answer but the answer will be there.

Oh and I got to meet the Pope!!!

IMG_0757My Catholic Living 🙂

2 thoughts on “WYD in a flash

    1. There really aren’t any words to share about this experience. I went there with no expectations, actually I went there because I needed time off of work and took advantage of WYD to travel. God had other plans for me as I barely did any site seeing. I was truly blessed to be able to be there and live such a thing. WYD affects not only the people there but also the people back home.
      Mike even though you weren’t at WYD I know you will receive many blessings from it.

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