*nudge nudge*

Have you ever had that nudge, something that’s pushing you to do something? You know what that nudge means but you just turn around and do your own thing.

Well, I’ve experienced that nudge a few times and too many times I went my own way and ignored that nudge. It’s when I look back that I notice and say Oh hey God I didn’t know that’s where you were calling me or sorry God my way looked much more attractive. 


This is exactly what happened in Poland. Before going to Poland my prayer life was becoming weak, I was losing touch with my Creator and missing the point of life. I was living life as I wanted it to be. While I was sitting in a session at WYD something clicked. I need to work on this relationship. Our relationship with God has to come first and we also have to work on it. It’s not like its just going to happen. It’s the same with our relationship with friends, we have to work on it. It has to be a listen and share type of friendship.

This is when things started getting confusing so I went to something they called Heart to Heart. This was a place where I could have a chat with consecrated people and they were there to listen and pray over me. And that’s what they did, they listened and said a few things. I’m sure that the things they told me meant nothing to them but the things they said meant so much more to me.

I knew I had to put these words in action and I did. God! You are so awesome! Why do I ignore you? Why does my way look so much more attractive than your way? I just want to be with you and yet I can’t seem to accept your will.

How many times have I consciously go against your will?

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