Biking fail

Yesterday I was so excited to go for my bike ride, I was going to go on a nice trail through the town and around and zigzag but that dream got crushed pretty fast.

bikeride1During dinner I asked one of my housemate if he wanted to go for a bike ride and to my surprise he said yes! We agreed on a time to meet and then we would leave. I was so pumped!!

We got our bikes ready, put air in the tires, checked the chain and off we went. There were a few troubles with changing gears with one of the bikes but that got resolved pretty quickly.

I was leading as I knew the trail and had followed it a few times and my friend was trailing not far behind. Then all of a sudden I get a shout You have a flat!!! At first I didn’t believe him because he tends to tease a lot so then I checked and surely enough I had a flat. So I hopped off and started running, wow I need to get in shape. 

As much as I was bummed that I couldn’t ride my bike I definitely saw this as a blessing because I got to see more nature. Usually I would just zoom by and take it for granted. There was even an area where I noticed new red flowers.

I also called my mommy (it was a long walk). She was babysitting some of her grandchildren and they really warmed my heart when they all screamed and yelled MATANTE CÉLINE!!!!!!! (aunty Celine). I also had an impromptu conversation with my oldest sister and our cousin. It was a nice time to just catch up. I love you guys. God is great!

Whenever something gets thrown at you, do you accept it and move on? or do you grumble and complain about it?




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