Change is Good

The other day I heard a comment that was very upsetting. The comment was something like bigger women should never wear a bikini because it’s not flattering on them. Now before I keep going on I have to state that I’m actually against women wearing bikinis as I believe they reveal too much but that’s a story for another day

When we’re hurting ourselves we’re hurting God as well.


Saying that a bigger woman can’t do something because it’s not flattering is a complete insult. It’s proving that what media teaches is actually getting to people. Who says that only skinny women can wear a bikini? Media keeps pushing that idea that you have to be skinny to be beautiful! Look at all the super models, they are all the ideal woman but how many women in society are actually skinny and fill all the criteria to be the ideal woman? How many of these super models have eating problems? Who says that a woman is beautiful or not?

14067893_10154894815821840_4919347961688269317_o-2Sure you can say that media is more accepting of bigger women now as they have Plus Size magazines. Why the heck do they even have to distinguish it? This magazine is for skinny women and this one is for bigger women, this makes no sense! (And on a side not I’m not for these magazines either as they one sexualize women and make them objects)
Now as many know, I struggle with my self image (though it’s something I’m working on). I have never been the skinny girl, I’ve always been the over weight awkward girl. As I mentioned before I was bullied in school because of my weight. This really caused me to have a very low self image. I thought I would never be beautiful and never be
fully accepted by others. Being accepted by others was only something I could dream of.

DSCN0994Things have changed a lot since then as I’m now able to accept that I’m beautiful even though sometimes doubt creeps in. These doubts aren’t from me and I kick them in the face!
Now, I’m kinda a rebel and I try to not follow the flow of society. I’m not sure if I ever told you guys but a few years ago I was bald, yes you read that right, I was actually BALD! I have a hard time looking at that picture  below not because I was bald (I really loved being bald) but because I know the struggles I had. All I could see was fat Céline, I had given myself that label and I could never escape it.

Going bald was a change of situation for me. I could go over the reasons why I went bald but I don’t think anyone would understand. So why was this a big change? I went IMG_0797from being the fat girl to the bald girl. People were giving compliments on my lack of hair, or even comments on how they preferred when I had hair. I feel like people
actually started noticing me because I did something out of the ordinary.  But what changed was that I was getting more confident, I was letting myself be me and not the label I had put on myself.
It’s great what a single hair cut can do, it’s a refresher and it also helps a good cause (if you can donate your hair). It’s a new look, a fresh start.

This morning I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew something would happen. I went to work, did my regular Friday things, came back home had lunch and the Archbishop suggested we would have dinner at the cabin. We all agreed and I thought this was going to be the thing that would happen today.

I have all Friday afternoons off so I went to my room, took a nap and woke up with this strange idea. I’ll go to three hairs salons, if they are all fully booked I won’t get a hair cut but if they have an opening for a walk in I will take it and donate my hair.  So I went out for a walk, stopped at the first one, they were booked for 2 weeks. I stopped at the second one, they were booked for 3 weeks. I was losing hope but also so happy because I didn’t have to chop my hair off. I got to the third one and I had the gut feeling there was an opening. I walk in is there time for a walk in? and she replied  only if you can wait 30 seconds. My stomach dropped as I knew exactly what that meant.

IMG_0827This woman did a wonderful job, I love it!!! I was able to donate over a foot of hair and still look fabulous!!

Sometime we just have to take a leap of faith and initiate our own change. People kept telling me  Oh I like your long hair don’t ever cut it. Well people, I like my hair short and I’m living my life not yours.

I’m still discovering who Céline is without the labels I’ve been putting on myself. Take those nasty labels away from me. One step at a time I’m discovering my beauty, beauty that not only belongs to me but was given to me by God. How often do we thank Him?

God thank you for making me perfect in your eyes. I don’t always live up to your standards but you know I’m trying. Please forgive me for the times I have turned my back against the beauty you’ve given me. I want to use the gifts and talents I’ve been given to share You with others. I put my complete trust in You, my God.  Amen

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