Sleeping Bag and Bugs

Last night I was all cozy in bed and all of sudden I imagined two big black bugs in my bed!!! YUCK! You want to know how I dealt with them? You won’t believe me as what I did wasn’t very intelligent but eh it’s what I did.

I wanted to keep sleeping without having to actually find the bugs so I decided to get my sleeping bag and sleep in it. I made sure the pull string was at its tightest so that the bugs couldn’t get in. Yes I know, I’m a genius.


This morning when I woke up I was just like whaaaaaa? Why am I in a sleeping bag? And then it slowly came back to me. It was really weird.

I wanted to start with this story because sometimes we do something and don’t know why.  I always like thinking there’s a purpose behind everything we say or do but after experiencing something like that it got me thinking. Is there always a reason for things to happen? Is there a reason why I had a dream about bugs? Is there a reason why I got my sleeping bag out? Well, no good reason that I can think of but I’m sure there’s a reason deep somewhere.

I don’t believe in coincidence meaning that when I go to the store to get some milk and my neighbour Jim is also getting milk maybe there’s a reason why we were put there at the same time, might as well start a conversation and try to figure it out. I wouldn’t start the conversation with Hey Jim I see you’re getting milk and I’m getting milk as well, this is a God moment. We’re supposed to talk now….

No, that would just make things awkward! And I don’t mean forcing a conversation, if I see that Jim is rushed then maybe all he needs is a smile and not a conversation. Every situation is different.

Please take time this day and be aware of your surroundings. Look and you will see, open your ears and you will hear. (But don’t open your eyes too big, maybe you will find a bug in your bed :P)

The reason why I got my sleeping bag out was because I wasn’t truly aware of my surroundings, I jumped to a conclusion which wasn’t logical but seemed logical. Next time I’ll hopefully realize that it was a dream…

Have a great day!

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