On a New Journey all the Time

After a great weekend full of excitement I am now back waiting at the bus station for a new adventure. I always love spending time with family but when it comes time to leave it’s always bitter sweet. I love my work up north but I also love my family, if only I could have both.

A picture I took about a month ago. Fall is here!

I only have a few months left in the north… yep you read that right. It is finally official that I will be leaving my work in the north. Another bitter sweet decision but definitely another decision I took with the help of God. I love my time in the north, I love the people, the different culture, nature and even the animals. On a side note when I came down to the city the other day I saw a moose! 

This animal is even bigger than I imagined it! I would never want to hit that with a vehicle.

A journey doesn’t always have to have an ending, sometimes a journey starts when you’re still on another journey. What the heck do I mean by that? What I meant is that even though I’m leaving the north is doesn’t mean that I’m done journeying First Nations people. My love for this culture will always be there no matter where I am.

My last days working for the Archdiocese will be in December and after that I have other plans. Plans that seem to be falling in place. Once I get more details I will let you know but for now please pray that this is what God wills.

Isn’t it great when things just seem to fall in place? Some times I make a decision without thinking too much about it but God works with is. My decision of working for the north came out of no where even though I prayed about it. It’s when that I actually got the job that I really prayed about it because I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Now that I’m leaving I still know I can’t take these next steps on my own.

In all of this I ask that you pray for me as things are falling in place but are really freaking me out. I can’t say much yet but if everything falls into place I will be going to Australia in January. Again, exciting but scary at the same time.

They are opening the security check now so it’s time for me to head out.

God is awesome!

(And a great quote that I found)


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