Run! Run! Run!

I wasn’t planning on blogging today but then I had a crazy thought…. Why not?

Have you ever started something and thought this is never going to work, I’m a failure. And then you realize wait it’s actually working, I’m not actually as much of a failure that I thought I was! 

I say this because I have never been a runner, I like running but running was never my thing. Two Fridays ago I was sitting in my room, probably watching a funny cat video or something like that and I had this crazy thought why don’t I go for a run? I told you it was a crazy thought!!! I look like a dying chipmunk when I run, not a pretty site. But eh the thought came to mind and I couldn’t shut it down because it was actually a good idea.


How I feel when I run.

Ugh why did I decide to follow through with this? I quickly changed into comfier pants, put on socks, tied my shoes and off I went. Céline, you can’t do this. You’re not good enough. Go away thoughts, I’m doing this!!!

I had planned to run 5 km but ran 6 instead. As soon as I hit the midway point I knew I could run the rest. To encourage myself to keep on running I refused to look at the stopwatch until the run was complete. Almost there! You can do it! Sprint the last 200meters! And I made it! Wow! Céline, I’m not even mad I’m impressed. I bet you can’t do that again…. Thoughts go away! I just did it so beat it!

What I actually look like when I run.

It took me just over 38 minutes, not bad for a first try. Why not run the same path again? Whaaaaa? Céline, are you crazy? Yes thoughts, I am so deal with it! And so I ran the same distance two days later and I had a better time! 37.17 minutes. Hurrrrray!!!!

What has really been surprising me is that I was never really sore. Apparently I do what others call cross training. You’re not supposed to run everyday but only every second day and cross training means doing some other kind of exercise on the other days, usually I go for a swim.

I enjoy my swims because I finally summed up the courage to talk with the other swimmers. I find it funny, when I meet people through work I can easily hold a conversation but then when I meet people after hours it’s like I’m the most awkward person ever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When you set your mind on something and negative thoughts creep in remember that you’re not those thoughts. You can permit yourself to think about it but let it be a passing thought and when you prove them wrong show them who’s the boss! You are the boss of your thoughts!

And on a side note I went for a run yesterday and got an even better time!!!! 36.17 minutes! I wasn’t expecting a better time because I had just gotten back from visiting my family. I don’t know about you but the first thing I do when I get to my parents place is open the fridge, mmm mom food! It’s like a free pass to eat all you want!

I need the encouragement to keep on running as my goal is 6kms in 28 minutes and I still have a long way to get there.

Peace yo!

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