Aye mate!

Ok!!!!! I have some super great news for you! It is official! I’m going to Australia in January!!!!!!


As many of you know I’ve been discerning religious life for a while and have many fears about taking the next step. To help me with this I decided (with the help of God) to join something called NET (National Evangelization Team).

This peer to peer, value-driven ministry is very effective because it offers a radical alternative to what is offered by society at present. NET teams bring their own positive stories, struggles, their willingness to listen and relate on a youthful level, this is indispensable.

As a member of NET I will deepen my faith, strengthen my relationship with God all by sharing the Gospel with others. What better way to discern religious life than with other young adults? 

…the message to young people is the same – they are important, loved and valuable.

We all need to learn and acknowledge that we are loved. How many people in our everyday life do we encounter who say I’m not good enough or If only I could change this about myself? If we changed who we are would we still be the same person? The answer is simple, I will always be Céline no matter what, long hair or short hair, running or swimming, seeing myself as a good person or a bad person. What can change is the way I see myself and my attitude.

If I want to be negative all the time then I have to willingly choose to be negative and if I was to be positive I have to choose that too. Having struggles doesn’t mean one isn’t doing well. It just means that this person is experiencing something challenging and hopefully this person will come out of it even stronger.

It’s like that cookie temptation (I really like cookies and my housemate often makes them). I can willingly choose to eat that cookie or I can say no. I can choose to be sad or I can say no although we shouldn’t deny our emotions. Acknowledge them and live them out in a healthy way.

no-internet-gifLast week and parts of this week the Internet at the house was down, I know, first world problem. I noticed how it really bugged me at first as it was a hassle (it really wasn’t). The only hassle was that I had to bring my iPod to the office so that I could download the prayers on the iBreviary app (I could have used a paper breviary). Other than that things really didn’t change but the thought of having no wifi was crazy. It’s almost a you don’t know what you have until it’s gone moment and then you realize I really didn’t need it.  

We let our thoughts get the best of too often. Keep your head up because you are your best self when you are you.



Australia! Here I come!! NET! Here I come!

Please pray for my journey as I know this won’t be easy.

Also for all my buddies, happy feast day of our beloved Archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Pray for us!

Peace yo!

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9 thoughts on “Australia!!!

      1. I’m in need of much prayers..On discerning mode too for single life with a private vow. Craving for fellowship too with people who can pray with me and guide..My 6 days work week kind of doesn’t allow it. But I trust His ways are better than my plans. God bless you. ❤


    1. Fabry! I definitely agree that Canada needs evangelization as well. Which is why we also have a NET Ministries in Canada. The situation in Québec is very different than the situation where I currently live, we can’t even compare both of them.
      All in God’s will.
      Peace yo! 🙂


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