No rest for Haitians

I can’t bare the thought of being in a safe home not needing to worry about my family while everyone in Haiti is preparing to take cover. My heart is completely torn apart.


I really didn’t think I left my heart in Haiti until I went to WYD. Haitians are very patriotic so whenever I spotted one walking around I went out of my way to speak with them in their own language. The more I spoke with them the more I fell in love with the country again. I lost a lot of my Haitian Créole but I could still hold a basic conversation with them.

It was always great to see their reaction!

Eh! Kijan nou ye?
Nou byen….  ou pale Kreyol?????

Hey! How are you?
We’re fine…. you speak Créole?????

Their reaction was like why is this white woman speaking our language? It just doesn’t make sense! We’ve been caught as we can’t talk in the secret of our language.

I can totally relate to that as sometimes when I’m hanging out with my family in public and we’re talking about something weird then we make sure we’re speaking in french so that not many people can see our weirdness.

Weirdness, we all have our unique weirdness and that’s what makes us so awesome. I really miss the uniqueness of my kids in Haiti. Some of them were shy, others attention seekers, others were trouble makers and others great learners but all in all they are great people. They have dreams and ambitions. We often talked about our dreams and I hope they pursue them.

Some of the Haitians I met at WYD! Spot the priest!

As I’ve been following hurricane Matthew I’ve been getting more and more worried about Haiti. It’s one disaster after another. The rain, the winds, the flood and the landfall, never something we dream off but this is a reality to some. Many have and will lose their home.


Now you have to understand that the houses we have in Canada are very different than the houses in Haiti. It’s easier to battle heat than chill meaning that our body adapts better to the heat than the cold. When looking at houses in Canada we have to have insulated walls as we can hit -40˚C weather plus then there’s the snow. In Haiti the weather is more constant between 20˚C and 35˚C, they don’t have to hide from the cold and snow but rather hide from rain.

This means that their houses aren’t built too strong because they are just hiding from the rain(there are other reasons but this is one of them) . Many live under a tin sheet with wiggly walls but at least they have a roof.

Hurricane Matthew can easily blow away their houses as they have had winds as strong as 230km/h and are expecting more. They are also expecting to have 1 trillion gallons of water, that’s a big flood.

One of my kids ❤

We have to pray for the victims of hurricane Matthew. God be with them as it approaches, protect them from the rain, the flood, the winds and be their safeguard. God, you said that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we could command a tree to uproot itself and move. These people have faith, they love you and keep asking for your help, be there! Thank you for protecting the majority of the population. Even though we can’t understand the purpose behind this, we ask you to  keep close to our heart, help us to not abandon you in these hard times. We ask this in Jesus’ name. AMEN

It might not be much but I promise to pray the Lord’s Prayer in Creole for all these victims for the rest of this month.  For those of you who want to join in here is the prayer:

Papa nou ki nan syèl la,
se pou yo respekte non ou,
se pou yo rekonèt se ou ki wa,
se pou volonte ou fèt sou tè a,
tankou nan syèl la.
Pen nou bezwen chak jou a Ba nou li jodi a.
Padone sa nou fè w,
tankou nou padone moun ki fè nou ki chòy.
Pa kite nou pran nan pyèj,
men delivre nou ak sa ki mal.

(if you want I can teach you the pronunciation, just send me a message)

You can keep up to date on CNN

My Catholic Living (being super worried)

17 thoughts on “No rest for Haitians

  1. i’m definitely praying for them! The people in Haiti have suffered greatly. My band even wrote a song about it in attempts to donate any proceeds to the relief efforts when the big earthquake hit years ago a few months before i officially joined, but i feel we could have donated more. But i digress, Prayer and trust in God is the thing we should be focused on in the present.


      1. well, the long story short is that the band has been going on for 20 years or so. We’re all friends and it was a revolving door of musicians in the group for the first 13 years of it. The guitarist/sometimes vocalist and the bassist are the two remaining original members and the trombone/other vocalist joined about 14 or so years ago. I’ve known the original two guys since i was 11, as they graduated high school with my sister and we ended up becoming best friends and the whole time they wanted me to play, but i never had the money for a drumset of my own until about 2006. It was around then that a cousin of mine, his boss at the time, and I formed a band and i gathered up enough money to buy a set. In 2009, my band was kinda falling apart and the then drummer for this group decided that he wanted to make money off of it and didn’t like the music they were playing (and i’ll be honest, he never played drums before in his life and in a moment of jealousy of sorts, the one time i saw them play i kept thinking to myself “Man, i could play that song so much better, i’d do this for fills, that for fills, etc.” Well, little did i know everything would come into place 3 months later when he quit, i joined, and we all had that magical feeling the first 10 seconds into me playing my first song with them. 🙂

        Sorry for the long tale, but i figured i’d tell you the short version of the history. lol


      2. This is the short story? LOL! I’m actually quite interested in this. I’m sure the style has completely changed since the band members have changed. All fingers play differently.
        Ever going to come on tour in Canada? 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      3. hahaha! Yes it has! As i posted in my music blog (that i only touched on my musical loves), i’m a lover of nearly all genres of music and in the previous band with my cousin, we played old country western songs, classic rock songs, and northern Mexican/Southwest American style music like cumbias and corridas and such. All different styles of playing. I love them all, by the way. LOL

        So, each of the guys in this band are into different things too. One is into 90s college rock/alternative and a little bit of country, another is into rockabilly and horror-punk sorta stuff, and the other is into punk music for the most part. I don’t know how we do it but all of our original songs mix everything together. Even with the 10 songs on our album, we don’t really play them the way we recorded them. We’ve grown even more in that time.

        As far as Canada? If we get booked, heck yeah! Our bass player wants to be Canadian! 😉 He’d love playing up there!

        Sigh. Not that it would happen about us getting a gig though. We’re actually not that popular. But we have fun each time we play! 😀


  2. Also, here are the lyrics:

    Upheaval of the earth
    Upheaval of their lives
    Piles of Sons and Husbands
    Piles of Daughters and wives

    Despair gives birth to anger
    Morality becomes skewed
    Machetes for your Water
    Machetes for your Food

    We can’t run away
    We can’t hide our heads
    There can be no blind eyes
    When there are so many dead

    Children in tatters
    Through the streets they plod
    Orphaned from their families
    Orphaned from their God

    We hope to never feel the touch
    Of massive death’s cold hand
    And here we have a chance
    To strengthen life’s fragile strand

    We can’t run away
    We can’t hide our heads
    There can be no blind eyes
    When there are so many dead

    Your houses are just rubble
    You’re nature’s feeble slaves
    Surviving in the filth
    Buried in mass graves

    Haiti, we want to save you
    Raise you out of hell
    But we can only do our small part
    To stop the harsh death knell

    We can’t run away
    We can’t hide our heads
    There can be no blind eyes
    When there are so many dead

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