Help me.

Tonight I feel like a complete failure. We have so many youth in the archdiocese and I wish I could meet all of them and talk about Jesus but I can’t. Why was I gloomy last week? It’s because I got a message from someone telling me that there were three suicides in one of our communities. I did not deal with those news too well. These are not the news you want to hear or even expect to hear.


I might not of known these girls very well but I still know that they were important to many but also to me. All the youth in the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas have a special place in my heart. They are the reason why I’m here in the north, they have shaped me to be a better woman and taught me to serve our God in an even better way. But it’s when things like this happen, I feel like I am to blame even though I know it’s not my fault.
I was watching a movie with one of my housemates while surfing through Facebook and I saw something new, another suicide. I was devastated, went to my room and shed more tears. We lost four girls in less than a week, why is this happening?  One of them was only 10 years old, a tragedy. 

My heart goes out to those families, not something we dream of dealing with, not something anyone wants to go through. But it brought me to think about life. It would be so easy to blame these tragedies on God but deep down we know He doesn’t bring people to act in such a way. If it’s not God’s fault then who are we to blame? My question is, do we need to put the blame on someone?

30suicide1-blog427-v3These people were suffering in ways we can’t even imagine. They were searching for something but always hitting a brick wall. What can we do to help people in these situations?

Talking, this is something  we’re doing less and less of. Why aren’t we having these fruitful conversations anymore? Face to face conversation also builds on friendship, people we can trust, people we can be open with. Don’t strive to have 200 friends but rather strive to have 2-3 great friends. Concentrate on those friends and build a friendship that will last.

Don’t be afraid to ask the question. Are you thinking about committing suicide?  If they say yes follow by asking do you have a plan? This will indict the severity of the situation. Chances are the person will tell you to not tell anyone but it’s your duty to help this person, contact someone who can help. Don’t stay quiet!  

I also truly believe that prayer helps with this. Talk to God, here’s here for us but specifically for each and every single one of you. When He died on that cross, He saw your name and face. He knew you before you were born and said you are made in my image, you are to be with me in Heaven. We have to cooperate with Him and try to get to know Him. He’s a crutch for us to rely on.

suicide_2798957gAnd if these don’t help contact a Crisis Centre :

Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Talk to your kids, talk to your family. If we keep this hidden we will lose more people to something that could have been prevented.

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7 thoughts on “Help me.

  1. God’s timing is so funny sometimes, my friend! I was just telling a co-worker of mine of my near suicide 5 years and 4 months ago (to the day, actually). It’s not something i’m not proud of, per se, but finding the reason to not go through with the action more than not even being able to decide the method i was going to use was my nephew. Dude was 3 years old at the time and i couldn’t bare the thought of leaving him. It took 3 months of an anti-depressant and getting my relationship with God stronger that got me through that event in my life.

    So, yes, you are absolutely right in the theory of having 2-3 close friends instead of 200 acquaintances. Keep your relationship with God going. Find at least one thing a day that makes you happy, and always find the funny in life. All of those things help.



    1. Bro, I’m so glad you’re still here and sharing your insight with all of us. You are an inspiration to many. As hard as it is, you have to keep sharing that moment in your life with us as it’s by witnesses that we learn.
      David, you are loved. Keep fighting the good fight.

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  2. yo Sista C,

    I am going to try a bit of tough love. yes the loss of human life hurts. But each of us in our journey has one of two choices. yes you feel down, I felt sad just hearing the news. but what are your alternative. It takes courage to pick ourselves up and move forward in the face of adversity. remember courage is the act of doing while feeling fear, or the impact of a really negative event.

    You can do this I know you can because I have seen you in action. Take that step forward forward and save some lives.You can do it sista,

    your bro,
    Ox fellow

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    1. Thank you very much oxfellow. I needed a time to mourn and yet I also know that I can’t dwell in the darkness. We have to learn from this and change the future of many by raising awareness and being open to talk about these struggles. God works in many way and we have to trust in Him. Peace yo!


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