Light of the World

I’ve been having very weird dreams.

Last week I was very tired and decided to sleep earlier than usual. I was laying in bed dozing on and off and finally I was in a deep sleep. This is when I started dreaming about working on a murder case. I had a lead on the main suspect and I didn’t want to tell the others. I decided that I would go find this guy after a good night sleep.

I went to bed and all of a sudden I woke up (and I actually woke up), there was a weird light on the wall, a light that wasn’t usually there. I kept staring at it because if I stared it would disappear right? Then I heard a noise in my living room. He was here, the murderer was here. I couldn’t move because if I moved he would know where I was. I kept looking at that light on the wall as if it had the key to salvation but nothing was happening.

luke201-79Have you ever woken up from a dream that just felt so real and it’s like you were still part of the dream even though you knew you were awake? I really thought that the light was going to save me from this murderer but how is that even possible? The fact that I couldn’t move made it even worse, it felt as if there was a heavy weight making it impossible for me to get help. I had a hard time breathing like someone was trying to suffocate me.

Experiencing this wasn’t fun but it made me think more about light. The other day I was chatting with a friend and he brought up the fact that God is referred to as Light. This person showed me many referenced about God being light. 

He was reading Lucia’s book about Fatima and he was struck by the way she described God.
He said: The being of the triune God is an ocean of immense light , perfect love and great mercy.
And continued by explaining that in the book Lucia uses the words immense light, sea of light and ocean of light. Isn’t that amazing?


Alte Pinakothek, MunichHe also brought up St. Augustine’s theory of light. In scripture it says and God said let there be LIGHT  and there was light.  And God saw that the light was good and separated the light from the darkness. Why would we have to separate light from darkness? Because light had to do with the fall of the angels. The good angels loyal to God were considered light the fallen angels darkness. This is a theory but doesn’t it make sense?

It goes very well with what bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich says in her vision:  I saw the Fall of the angels in my childhood and ever after, day and night, I dreaded their influence. I thought they must do great harm to the earth, for they are always around it. It is well they have no bodies, else they would obscure the light of the sun. We should see them floating around us like shadows.

Obscure the light of the sun, could it also be obscure the light of the Son? Light amongst darkness is very noticeable and light magnifies light. Angels having no bodies means that they can be a perfect reflexion of God and even magnify God.

All of this to say that light has many references in the bible but also in the private revelations.

Now if you know me you know I’m going to relate this back to my dream. Sometimes we feel like God is just at a hands reach but with all our effort we still can’t reach Him. Something is holding us back. What is holding us back? Sin. Sin darkens the soul and causes separation.  It’s a heavy to carry and a burden to our soul.

How can we lighten our soul? Repentance from our sins, being truly contrite. Mercy and forgiveness are necessary in our life and we can’t achieve it without God’s love. If you truly want to be with Him in eternity follow what God the Father revealed to Mother Eugenia Elisabette Ravasio:

And the greatest means of securing your salvation, despite your falls, is the Cross, My Son’s Blood poured out upon you every moment, if you so wish, both in the Sacrament of Penance and in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  

Don’t take light for granted. But rather try to magnify the light we see.

And a shout out to Gary who is the one that’s been helping me make sense of all of this. Thank you bro for helping me understand my faith on a deeper level. Keep fighting the good fight!

My Catholic Living 🙂


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