Leading by example

I’m always on the road. This weekend I went to my parents place because on Sunday we had a baptism. It is finally official, I’m a godmother!!!!!!

2f8538add1e0ea141edca72dbef1b0edThis is not a responsibility I’m taking lightly. Every child is a miracle from God but this child was definitely an eye opener child of God. The couple had complications with the pregnancy but man o man has these complications ever brought the couple closer to Christ but also to each other. You can read more about the journey here, My Promise

The verse My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness is what kept me going. The weakness of the complications reassured God’s presence in the lives of many, mine included.

When life gets tough we need something or someone to rely on and through my life journey I learned that we can’t just rely on people. People change, people hurt us and people leave. 

In Twelve Steps we learn that we have to rely on a Higher Power. They use that term as they want everyone to feel welcomed to the program but deep down we know that when they say Higher Power they are referring to God. Our trust is to be in Him who made heaven and earth. In today’s morning prayer we read My soul clings to you; your right hand holds me fast. (Psalm 96:8) He will guide us if we let Him.

Last night I was laying in bed, I had eaten too much chocolate and I’m sure I could make a good Halloween excuse but I won’t even try. I was listening to an audio book and then a friend of mine sent me a message. We both had things to talk about which oddly enough were very similar. We had lived a similar experience but from different perspectives. It’s great when you can have that openness with someone. God was speaking to me through him and he gave me a good piece of advice. This wasn’t vocal advice but more so advice that came from leading by example. Just like the parents of the baby that was just baptized, they were leading by example.

legiao-de-maria-todos-os-santosKeep striving for God even when it’s a challenge. We were both hurt by someone/something and by the lack of our own actions as well, ignoring red flags. Both leading to complicated situations but situations that resulted in a greater trust in His will.

God’s love will always win.

Happy all Saints day to all my friendsies out there!

This is a special day for my sister, a saint. You can read about her on Be a saint! We have great saints and we have much to learn from them. It’s not always about preaching with words but also about preaching with your life, by leading by example.

Angels and saints, pray for us.

God bless all of you and keep on smiling 🙂

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