Breathe. Suck back air.

Breathe. Suck back air.

Who here likes to write? I’m not sure but I think it’s safe to assume that many people who read my blog are bloggers themselves. Come out from hiding and help us raise awareness, the many sons and daughters that are suffering. Help us show them how much they are loved, how much they are appreciated and how much they are wanted.

To feel loved is something unimaginable to many, what can we do to show our love to them?

So breathe. Suck back Air.

Let’s stop looking at suicide as a statistic and start looking at it as people. People who weren’t seeing their worth, people who were struggling with things we can’t even imagine, people made in God’s image.

Love, we need love. Compassion, we need compassion. God, we have God.

Open the discussion, talk about it, do not be afraid because a simple conversation can turn someone’s life around. Positivity, it’s all around us but are we sharing it with others or are we being selfish and keeping it to ourselves.

Let tradition and ceremony be your medicine. Let the ancient tongues of your grandmothers be your lullaby. Let prayers be the wings that give you flight. Let not another light be stolen. Not another loss to suicide. Not now. Breathe. Suck back air. Helen Knott Spoken Word – We Matter Campaign

Get your pen and paper out and start writing. Take your paint, your glue and glitter and be the artist you are. Show your support to these communities that are suffering. You are loved, they are loved and we are loved. You matter, I matter, we matter. No life is any greater than our own, own your life but don’t forget where it comes from. Pray before expressing yourself, pray while expressing yourself, pray while mailing it, pray when they receive it and forever pray for this soul that God has touched through your actions. Pray always.

Send this love to:

Churchill Community High School
Bag Service #7500
La Ronge, SK
S0J 1L0, CAN


Pre-Cam Community School
Bag Service #7400
La Ronge, Saskatchewan
S0J 1L0, CAN

Or even the school division

Northern Lights School Division
Bag Service #6500
La Ronge, SK
S0J 1L0, CAN

If you want to send it to more areas I could definitely give you more mailing addresses. Feel free to contact me. I will be sending both art and letters to all of these addresses. Share what God has given you with others.

Breathe. Suck back air.



2 thoughts on “Breathe. Suck back air.

  1. Talk to that person who is sitting by him/herself. Smile at everyone you meet. You never know when you might brighten someone’s day. The smallest actions can show God’s love to another person. 🙂

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