Pink Koala

I just wanted a catchy title…..

Hello dear family and friends:

Community life is so wonderful! Since 2013 I have had the opportunity to experience community life with the Catholic Outreach Team and the Sisters of Holy Cross. Over the past 18 months I have been working as Coordinator of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas.

I am overjoyed at the countless interesting experiences I have encountered and have decided that it’s time for me to take the next step. Over the past couple years I have felt a call to religious life, an option I am seriously considering. Let me share with you how two young boys in Haiti pushed me towards the pursuit of this vocation.

One school day, I was sitting in front of the convent, writing in my journal. I remember it being a bright sunny day. There
were two boys playing foutbòl (Soccer in Haitian Creole).
Exhausted, they came and sat beside me and we started chatting. I asked them why they weren’t in school. They quickly replied by sharing part of their life story. Their father had been in a motorcycle accident which left him with mental problems and he soon abandoned his wife and kids. Their mother wasn’t able to take care of her boys so she gave them away to her sister, their aunt. This woman had kids of her own and when they had food in the house (which wasn’t often) it would go to her own kids first. If there were leftovers, only then would these two boys get to eat. These kids were bl
essed with a coconut tree and if they were really hungry they would climb the tree to drink the coconut water and eat the coconut.

This situation really opened my eyes in realizing how many things I have but don’t really need. How can I live such a materialistic life when these kids don’t even know when they will have a full meal again?


The next day, I was sitting outside again and in the distance I saw the same two boys running towards me. I noticed they had a big heavy bag. As soon as they reached me they hurriedly handed me three coconuts. I was brought to tears. How can these two boys who in our eyes have nothing be willing to give everything? How can I ever learn to give like these boys gave to me?

After hours of prayer and much discernment I have decided to join the National Evangelization Team (NET) Australia. NET is a community of young adults that proclaims the Gospel and invites our young people to live for Christ while forming a Christian character and equipping them with the necessary tools to evangelize.

My goal in this community is to share my joys and fears with other young adults who are also discerning religious life, sharing the Gospel message and learning to give like my two young friends. Give until it hurts. 

In order to do this I need your help in multiple ways. The first way is through prayer. I could never survive such a year without your many prayers. In return I will be making a prayer calendar and ask you to send me your intentions. I hope to fill this calendar to the brim and have intentions on every date. This calendar will follow me all year and I will keep these intentions in my daily prayer.

I ask you to please send me your prayer intentions, whether it’s for yourself, someone specific, for peace, for health or even for someone’s birthday or anniversary; no intention is too big or too small. You can also indicate the day on which you want me to pray for these intentions. Send as many as you want, as often you want.

As well, each NET member is asked to raise a minimum of $7,600. The money won’t be coming to me but rather to the ministry. If you are capable and feel called to give, please do so. Any amount is greatly appreciated (tax receipt over $10).

You can donate on the youcaring page (which doesn’t take a percentage off)

You can keep on journeying with me by following this blog.

Mèsi ampil (thank you very much) for considering helping out this ministry.

United in prayer,


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