Moving to Melbourne

I’m going to start with the really exciting news. I’m now living in Melbourne!!!

D16508553_1851854601760260_7079806458160690988_nuring our time on training the priest that was journeying with us got us good. We were blessed to have daily Mass with him which was great. During his homily he would often ask us questions pertaining to the readings so it wasn’t strange when he started asking us questions before Mass had even started. What was strange was that he was dressed in red on a day that wasn’t the memorial of a martyr and it wasn’t Pentecost either. As he was standing the front, he questioned and we were only getting more and more confused as to why he was wearing red. THEN out of no where he said something like Red is the colour associated to the Holy Spirit and we’re going to announce the teams!!!

I was caught off guard and wasn’t sure how to react. Everyone around me had mixed emotions as well. We knew team announcement was soon to happen but not that soon. Some people were crying, some laughing and others were just in shock. I was definitely in shock. 

To be honest there wasn’t a specific team I wanted to be on but I did have a slight preference for the Melbourne one because we get to have a house but also travel, best of both worlds!

Training was really good as I got to learn a lot about myself and the people around me. We explored many different things such as ways to pray, ways to evangelize, how to write a talk/testimony. All these things have already been really helpful.

We moved to Melbourne this past Monday which was also filled with many different emotions. Before leaving my host home I weighed my bag and it said it was 19.9 kg which was great because we had a 20kg limit. But once we got to the airport I weighed my bag and it was something like 23kg. We had a group booking meaning that we had a little wiggle room for the weight but we soon noticed that all our bags were over the limit. I tossed a few things out of my bag to make it lighter but nothing seemed to be enough.

We were in line waiting to check in our bags and the closer we got to the desk the more nervous people were. Many were mumbling a few Hail Marys. When we got to the desk the woman weighed the bags, checked them and never mentioned that we were way over the limit. She just told us to bring out bags to the oversize place, not because the bags were overweight but because their conveyor belt wasn’t working. All in all we were able to bring all that we needed without have to pay for those extra kgs. Thank you Jesus!

16403088_401075786904574_4112329678249017428_oSince being in Melbourne life has been quite different. We have a bit more freedom than at training but it’s also hard to stay on schedule. We had our first ministry event which is called Summer Series and this is a series of short videos about men and women and how we are similar but different. It’s interesting as we get to split up in small groups after and get to hear from everyone else.

At this moment we aren’t too busy but I feel like this is the calm before the storm. Please if you do have extra prayers send them our way as we will need them. Pray for Mike, Rob, Emily, Millie, Jess and myself.

I’m also praying for you,

My Catholic Living 🙂

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