Fat Tuesday-Ash Wednesday

I noticed that my few last posts were more formal and I’ve been craving writing something much less formal, something more Céline.

The other day was fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday) and I went out for a run. I quite enjoy waking up early to spend some time with Jesus while running. I pump some great praise and worship, put on my shoes and just go. I never know where I’m going but I know when I get there.

While I was running I was having this conversation with Jesus. I had doubts, many doubts. Why am I here? Who am I to be here? What if I’m not called to be on this team? I kept questioning myself but Jesus came back to me quite fast. He said Céline, why not you? Why do you not trust me? You are here with reason and with purpose. 

On Ash Wednesday we (sorta) had the day off. I woke up around 7:30 and just laid in bed until the others in the room woke up. I had my eyes closed and just waited patiently and then all of sudden I hear Wait am I the first one awake, am I really awake before Céline?  Then I turn around, check the time and say I’ve been awake for the past hour but didn’t want to wake you guys up!!!  Wow! This sounded more funny in my head then here. Oh well, I took the time to write it so it’s going to stay there….

This is the calm before the storm. Today is March 10th and boy o boy am I ever glad to have a day off tomorrow. As I’m writing this right now Monty Python is playing on tv but I’m too tired to even laugh at all the funny stuff.

My plans for my day off are to visit the lovely Sisters of Charity, I’ve crossed path with them twice in the last two weeks and I’m wanting to get to know them. Maybe eventually as a team we will be able to volunteer at their soup kitchen.

For the Australians reading this please let me know of the great places to visit in Victoria.

I will be posting something tomorrow that will talk a bit more about the ministry we’re currently doing. There’s so much to talk about but my time on the Internet is limited. I will try to post more often.


-My Catholic Living ❤

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