3 Stages of Community Life

I’m really dropping the ball on this blogging thing. It’s not that I’ve forgotten to write it’s that I just haven’t been making the time the time for it I’ve been making excuses to not write. On a side note, I’ve actually been journaling a lot, I even wrote a few poems, I just haven’t been posting things.

I know, I know, I’m making more excuses but eh, nothing I can do about it now. Actually… YES…. there’s much that I can do and I’m asking your help to keep me accountable to blogging. If you notice that I haven’t been blogging do send me a friendly reminder saying yo bruh you’re failing at blogging. I promise that I won’t slam the door on your nose next time you visit.


To keep you update on my Australian NET journey I do have to say that things have been pretty rocky these past few weeks but really great at the same time. As I was told by someone I greatly admire there are three stages to living in community.

  1. The honeymoon stage where everything is unicorns, lollypops and butterflies.
  2. The you’re an idiot stage where everything is someone else’s fault and I’m the perfect person
  3. The wait a second… I’m and idiot too stage where you realize that you’re not as perfect as you thought.

I can honestly say that we were in stage two and it made things go in an interesting direction. Now don’t get me wrong I love my team and I would do much to serve them and I also know that going through that only made us stronger.

This past week we’ve had our supervisors over at the house and they really helped us grow as a team, making us realize how different we are to each other and yet how important it is to rely on each other.

I like to think that we’re in the third stage now and that’s been great because we’ve been discovering more and more about each other and we’ve been not only been helping others but genuinely serving others because we want to. It’s no longer a I want to get noticed  but now a I really appreciate you for you and I want to help you in whatever ways I can offer.

I love my sisterhood and how I can confide to them. Yes, there are some days that are tough but they are always there with ears ready to listen. I greatly appreciate my sisters because these women are CrAzY! I mean, who really thinks about knitting with 17757202_432952887050197_1319578494369261416_nchopsticks? Or who really thinks about driving around the city blasting some Bob The Builder songs while dancing? Or what about finding a random trolley and riding in it? If you said no one then you’re definitely wrong as I’ve witnessed (and maybe even participated in some of these things). I love my sisters.

My brothers are great too as they challenge me to get out of my comfort zone whether it’s by making phone calls (that I really don’t want to make) or challenging me to wake up early in the morning to go for a run (or eat my veggies) to really challenging me to see God in different ways. I absolutely enjoy the conversations that we have as sometimes 17202930_421095794902573_2566437407257990628_nwe really go deep but also don’t fear going to the silly side of things. My brothers are also very competitive and it’s making me step up my game in competitiveness and sometimes it can get quite scary…. Nerf wars…. Settlers of Catan….

All in all I love our team and I love what we do. When we’re on ministry we do amazing things and encounter amazing people. Some of the youth and young adults we’ve ministered to have asked really good questions. I’ve been asked questions about Purgatory, about how to pray and how to better express themselves. We might not see much of the fruit of our ministry but we know that God is with all we encounter.

Something that I’ve been challenging myself in is discipline and dying to self. This is probably one of my strongest points but also the most challenging one for me as well. I like knowing what I’m supposed to be doing and tackling those certain tasks, I like having my own person schedule but also aligning it with other people’s schedule and I like having goals but falling through with them is what I find challenging. To work on this I’ve been trying to wake up earlier and go for a run. It’s definitely a process as I was doing quite good and then I hit a patch of tiredness and completely stopped for a few days. I noticed that not running in the morning affected my mood for the rest of the day. Not running in the morning makes me more tired (I know that might sound odd but just roll with it…. or should I say just run with it :P)

With the dying to self part, it actually all started when I was cleaning the kitchen on a Saturday night when no one else was in sight. I was miserable, and something that many don’t know (don’t tell my mom) but dirty kitchens are like a sin for me. I was playing the blame game and then I had this revelation that if I’m God’s vessel then I should empty the dishwasher for Him. Cleanliness is linked to Godliness right? I have to willingly pick up my cross (even if it’s just a small one) and carry it. I have to choose to clean the kitchen with the right reasons. Jesus did not want to go through the Passion but He did it because He loves us. After thinking much about this I started researching the Passion and found many great (but gory) facts about the crucifixion and it really opened my eyes to how much I have to take a step back and let Jesus be more present in my life.

Jesus endured much more suffering than we can even imagine. From His crown (dripping poisonous sap) to having to push on the nail in His feet to exhale to being sleep deprived and feeling abandoned, He’s suffered it all and I really have nothing to complain about.

I thought it was also fitting as we are entering Holy Week! I’ve never felt as prepared for Holy Week as I feel in this very moment. It’s a week filled with many different emotions but little secret for you….. He comes back three days later…. 🙂

I really hope you have a great Holy Week and I will definitely be writing soon.


Also, to intro you to the team on on I have a short  10 minute youtube clip to show you. It’s part of our fundraising. As a team we still need to raise $20,000, a big goal but definitely achievable. There are two major ways you can help the first one, which the most important one, is in prayer. Prayers are really strong and I’ve seen so much fruit from prayer.

The second way to help is by sponsoring us. As missionaries we have to sacrifice a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot. If you would love for our mission to continue we will need some financial help and this help will not be coming to us but to the organization itself. You can donate here. Thank you very much for your consideration.

I love you all and I’m impressed you made it to the bottom of this post.

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