I’m back!

Well, it’s been a crazy year! I have to start yet again by apologizing for not keeping up with the blog. I don’t have a good excuse….. Though I thought it would be great to kick it off on my birthday eve (probably on my birthday by the time I finish writing).

Let me catch you up on a few things I have moved back to Canada! Yay! But miss Australia like crazy 😦



One of my many highlights on this mission was when I gave my first Social Justice talk to grade 12 girls. That morning I was blessed to have an hour of personal prayer and I had decided to go to a coffee shop. One of the habits that I had gotten into was revising my talk in prayer every single time I was to give it.
Since I was at a coffee shop in one of the best coffee place in the world (don’t quote me on that) I had to grab a coffee. As I was revising, I had added a few slides to my presentation that really didn’t add much but I just knew it was meant to be there (Don’t tell my supervisors but I didn’t get the new slides approved beforehand).

That day I learned that coffee makes me bounce off the walls, my mind was just everywhere. It was something like a 2 hours drive to get to the venue and I swear I did not stop talking and if you know me you would know that I’m generally a quiet person.
So when it came time to give the talk obviously I was nervous but when I started I just used the fact that my mind was all over the place and really took advantage of it. I needed comic relief in my talk because it had gotten pretty deep. Some of the girls were crying as I was explaining one of my encounters in Haiti (life goal achieved, hehe).

So there’s the coffee pumping through my veins and I keep going with my talk. Then I did something unplanned,I asked them what they though Social Justice looked like and no


one answered and I took a step forward (I’m a stage walker but made sure I was standing right in front) put my arms out to the side and told them this is what it looks like (it looked like Jesus on the cross).

I could just feel Jesus’ presence in that room at that very moment. The room felt heavy and the mood had suddenly changed and I started feeling uncomfortable so I put my arms down but sneaky me wanted to try it again so I had said something and put my arms out again and there was that feeling again.

I was so deep in the talk that I knew I needed something to get them out of it and thankfully that morning I had added the few slides at the end which were similar to these. And that just helped so much!

I will remember that day for a long time because I could truly feel Jesus working through me and the best part was that I was allowing Him to do so.

We (my team) had countless experiences like that but that one stood out to me.

What are some experiences that you keep holding on to?

Enjoy your weekend,


My Catholic Living 🙂



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