Stuck in the Middle

The other day I was cleaning my room… Yep, I know I tend to start many of my posts this way. It’s like there’s always a new adventure when there’s cleaning to be distracted from. While cleaning pretending to be cleaning I found a published poem that I wrote when I was in grade 12.

A bit of a backstory to this poem, I only got something like  37% on it but still sent it for this Canadian contest thing to get it published. Sure enough out of all the poems sent mine got picked and somehow my final note was now in the 80’s. Sometimes it funny how things work. I never questioned my teacher about this…..

Stuck in the Middle

“Get lost!”
“Cry baby!”
“Outta my room!”

almost empty baby books,
second-hand toys,
getting picked on…
I am the youngest and it stink!
Being the youngest is a pain!
I am the youngest and it really stinks!
Being the youngest brings me pain!

Older brother,
controlling sisters,
no apparent attention.
Bedtime comes too early.
I am the youngest and it stinks.

I can’t imagine
anything worse.
Being the youngest is a curse!

Family meeting.
Everyone’s here.
Fancy meal.
Big announcement…

Being the youngest … no more?

“Don’t be a baby!”
“Grow up!”
“Act your age!”

Crying baby!
No sleep at night!
Tired parents!
No rest all day!
Have to act grown-up.
Being the middle child is worse than worst!


Let me know what you think about it.
What is your experience with your spot in the family?


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2 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle

  1. I am amazed you only got 37% on that poem! It’s amazing! Then again, I got a D on making a pair of shorts during Home Ec, with my teacher saying I could never wear them (they weren’t sewn in a straight line or something). I wore them from that Summer entering 9th grade, through high school.

    Some teachers… 🤷‍♀️😂


    1. Ha! Prove that teach wrong 😛 Nah sometimes teachers just don’t think the best of their students and it changes the way they mark homework. I just thought it was a bit funny how when it got published somehow my mark was now in the 80’s.
      Those must have been a pretty awesome pair of short to be worn all through high school!

      Liked by 1 person

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