I never thought I would say this but I actually love working on the farm. (I hope my father isn’t reading this)

Yes, I know I haven’t been here long but I already feel comfortable and as though I’m learning quite fast. You’re probably thinking ‘dude there’s like not much to learn on a farm’. And this is where I faint. You can learn a much or as little as you want.

Got a new tablet so now I’m just playing with it and trying to make stuff that is appealing to the eyes.

It’s a fairly simple process but it has to be done right so that:
1. you don’t hurt the cows
2. you don’t hurt yourself.

And that is something that I relate back to life. If we live life in a healthy way we should also concentrate on not hurting other people and not hurting ourselves. When I took those two guidelines into consideration my life drastically changed. I used to be selfish, only though of me, myself and I. But what did I gain by being this way? Absolutely nothing. People don’t want to get to know people that just talk about themselves but rather people want to get to know people that have lived, that have seen things, that have experience and want to share rather than impose.

This brings me back to when I was living in Melbourne. On one of my days off I went for a walk in the city and encountered a man who was painting on the street, he was trying to sell some of his art as well. Beautiful art might I add. I started talking to him and boy did he ever have such an interesting story. Had he just talked about himself I wouldn’t have been interested but because he gave me stories, people he encountered, things he saw and the reason why he was doing what he was doing I was truly interested. He even invited my to take one of his canvases and paint with him. Unfortunately I was still doubting my artistic talent at this point and declined. But we kept talking until I was running late for an appointment (worth it!). Interesting life he has.

I truly believe this man was fully living out God’s will in his life. Street painting is not something that I could be doing but it’s something fitting for Him. We all have the same goal (to reach Heaven) but we also have a different journey/path to take. One isn’t better than the other providing you are doing what brings you closer to God.

Don’t underestimate the reason why you’re here because no one else can do what YOU are called to do. These are big shoes to fill but God knows our strength (cause He gave them to us) and desires for us to use them! It’s a gift! Doesn’t it bring you joy when you give a gift to a friend and you see them using it? It’s the same with God.

And what better way to give back to God then to first give Him what He gave us. Ok, now that sounds complicated but the first thing He ever gave us is love. So why not just love Him back? And how do we do so? By not hurting others and not hurting yourself…

How are you living God’s will in your life?

My Catholic Living 🙂

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