Now what?



I’ve been asked by a few of you about my plan for the future. And every single time someone asks me this question I have a different answer. The simplest of answers is I want to give back to God and I want to be as close as I can to Him. Though I’m still not sure how to fulfil that.

For now, I’m going to try to get back into the normal everyday routine of ….. living with my parents. Yep, you read that right, I’m back to living with my parents. I have to say that I didn’t think I was ever going to move back with them since I LOVE my independence but after a year of mission the bank account is pretty dry.

Let me tell you what my everyday routine looks like

4:40 Wake-Up and change into work clothes
4:45 Start my car (because it’s Winter)
4:50 Breakfast
5:00 Leave for work

I noticed I keep saying work but you have no idea what my job is….. I work on a farm, milking cows in particular.

5:15 Set-up for work
5:30 Milk cows …. most of you aren’t even awake yet…..
12:15 Lunch break (my mom usually makes lunch) (thanks mom)
1:05 Head back to work
1:15 Set-up for work
4:00 Morning crew gets replaced by evening crew and I get to go home and shower!
4:30 Shower
5:00 Sit down and take a breather
5:30 Dinner (Again, thanks mom)
7:00 Work on a side design contract
8:00 Chill time (usually when I write)
9:00 Start getting ready for bed
9:30 Hopefully asleep by this time

With such a busy schedule how does one fit time to pray? That’s actually such a good question. I’ve been blessed with such a good job that even though there’s three of us milking cows (I’ll explain the process in another post) most of the time is spent in silence. This means I spend most of my work days praying. I’ve been enjoying this journey of conversation with God. I have to tell you that He has such a good sense of humour when you give Him the time of day.

So what are my plans for the future? Only God knows at this point but at this moment I tend to take it one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time. It’s so easy to always look at the future and miss the present.

What are your plans for the future?

Goodnight (it’s getting late…. it’s 9:23pm…. that’s late now)

My Catholic Living 🙂

On a New Journey all the Time

After a great weekend full of excitement I am now back waiting at the bus station for a new adventure. I always love spending time with family but when it comes time to leave it’s always bitter sweet. I love my work up north but I also love my family, if only I could have both.

A picture I took about a month ago. Fall is here!

I only have a few months left in the north… yep you read that right. It is finally official that I will be leaving my work in the north. Another bitter sweet decision but definitely another decision I took with the help of God. I love my time in the north, I love the people, the different culture, nature and even the animals. On a side note when I came down to the city the other day I saw a moose!  Continue reading “On a New Journey all the Time”

Year of consecrated life

Here I am discerning my vocation. One day I feel called to religious life and the next day I feel called to married life. This is a big decision and I wouldn’t want to make the wrong choice. I know that God gave us free will which means that deep down it’s my choice but I also know that he had made me to follow a certain road. This week I’m leaning more toward marriage… but that’s not going anywhere soon because I told myself that I’m not courting until I get back home. Like I mentioned before, I’m on a mission trip. And next week I will probably be leaning more towards religious life.

These days I find people get into relationships way too quick… and WAYYY too early. I worked with kids around the ages of 6-7 and they were already talking about their so called boyfriends and their dates. I was always told that the purpose of dating is not only to get to know the other person but it’s because you think it could lead to marriage. But that’s not what most young adults in our society thinks. Many see dating as a social status, you’re ”cool” if you’re dating someone.

I’m not going to lie, I went out with a young man for 9 months and I couldn’t see a future with him but I was also scared of breaking up with him because I knew it hurt him. I kept thinking maybe it’s going to work out… For a month or so I knew I our relationship wasn’t going to lead anywhere but I kept avoiding telling him anything.

When I finally told him, he told me he felt the same way. It was such a relief for both of us and we are still good friends.

I’m new to this blogging idea, if you have any topics to suggest or questions I would greatly appreciate them. I’m hoping to do this on a weekly or monthly basis (depending whether I have Internet or not at the mission houses)