Stuck in the Middle

The other day I was cleaning my room… Yep, I know I tend to start many of my posts this way. It’s like there’s always a new adventure when there’s cleaning to be distracted from. While cleaning pretending to be cleaning I found a published poem that I wrote when I was in grade 12.

A bit of a backstory to this poem, I only got something like  37% on it but still sent it for this Canadian contest thing to get it published. Sure enough out of all the poems sent mine got picked and somehow my final note was now in the 80’s. Sometimes it funny how things work. I never questioned my teacher about this…..

Stuck in the Middle

“Get lost!”
“Cry baby!”
“Outta my room!”

almost empty baby books,
second-hand toys,
getting picked on…
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Poetry Attempt#1

I wrote this poem earlier this year and I figured it was time that I shared it with the wider community. I’m also looking for feedback on how I could make it better.


Being child number 7 the expectations are greater
number 8, how are you handling all that pressure?20160702_100858
I just wanted you to look up to you big sister.

But things are not like they seem.

I once took that drink just to fit in
but that was a monster I let in.
Tossing and turning I swear I’d stop 
until it became a cycle of loss.

Trust me, number 8, things are not like they seem.

I hid behind that smiling face
convincing myself everything’s ok
one more song, one more dance, one more drink I’d say
the sun is up, oh shucks it’s day.

Number 8, you’re growing, discovering yourself, still in school
don’t worry about being that unique fish in the pool.
Once in a pool you have no where to go
swimming round n’ round going with the flow.

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No rest for Haitians

I can’t bare the thought of being in a safe home not needing to worry about my family while everyone in Haiti is preparing to take cover. My heart is completely torn apart.


I really didn’t think I left my heart in Haiti until I went to WYD. Haitians are very patriotic so whenever I spotted one walking around I went out of my way to speak with them in their own language. The more I spoke with them the more I fell in love with the country again. I lost a lot of my Haitian Créole but I could still hold a basic conversation with them.

It was always great to see their reaction!

Eh! Kijan nou ye?
Nou byen….  ou pale Kreyol?????

Hey! How are you?
We’re fine…. you speak Créole?????

Their reaction was like why is this white woman speaking our language? It just doesn’t make sense! We’ve been caught as we can’t talk in the secret of our language. Continue reading “No rest for Haitians”

Day One You Build, Day Two You Race

Dust everywhere, the smell of sweat and welding, tears of frustration and a bunch of people. This is how I would simply explain the St-Labre 200 event.

The event starts on a Friday and you receive equipment to build a go-kart.  You have to build it strong because in 24 hours you will be racing against all the other teams. You have to do 200 laps which equals 50 miles.

Do you think you have the strength?

I really enjoy this event and have been participating in it ever since I heard my brothers arguing who could build the best go-kart. I tell you, they would argue hours on end and have some sort of race but it was always unfair because they couldn’t use the same material. They once even used my mother’s lawnmower motor….

As you might of noticed my family is very competitive. Someone needs to win no matter what. Something as simple as counting the fastest, someone needs to be better than other. Actually, we used to a play a dice game, we would sit around a table and roll the dice.  Every time someone rolled a six they could grab their piece of paper and start writing the numbers from 1 to 100. Meanwhile the dice goes around until someone else rolls a 6 and steals the pen from you. Silly game eh? But someone needed to win. (It got pretty vicious sometimes) Continue reading “Day One You Build, Day Two You Race”