Now what?



I’ve been asked by a few of you about my plan for the future. And every single time someone asks me this question I have a different answer. The simplest of answers is I want to give back to God and I want to be as close as I can to Him. Though I’m still not sure how to fulfil that.

For now, I’m going to try to get back into the normal everyday routine of ….. living with my parents. Yep, you read that right, I’m back to living with my parents. I have to say that I didn’t think I was ever going to move back with them since I LOVE my independence but after a year of mission the bank account is pretty dry.

Let me tell you what my everyday routine looks like

4:40 Wake-Up and change into work clothes
4:45 Start my car (because it’s Winter)
4:50 Breakfast
5:00 Leave for work

I noticed I keep saying work but you have no idea what my job is….. I work on a farm, milking cows in particular.

5:15 Set-up for work
5:30 Milk cows …. most of you aren’t even awake yet…..
12:15 Lunch break (my mom usually makes lunch) (thanks mom)
1:05 Head back to work
1:15 Set-up for work
4:00 Morning crew gets replaced by evening crew and I get to go home and shower!
4:30 Shower
5:00 Sit down and take a breather
5:30 Dinner (Again, thanks mom)
7:00 Work on a side design contract
8:00 Chill time (usually when I write)
9:00 Start getting ready for bed
9:30 Hopefully asleep by this time

With such a busy schedule how does one fit time to pray? That’s actually such a good question. I’ve been blessed with such a good job that even though there’s three of us milking cows (I’ll explain the process in another post) most of the time is spent in silence. This means I spend most of my work days praying. I’ve been enjoying this journey of conversation with God. I have to tell you that He has such a good sense of humour when you give Him the time of day.

So what are my plans for the future? Only God knows at this point but at this moment I tend to take it one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time. It’s so easy to always look at the future and miss the present.

What are your plans for the future?

Goodnight (it’s getting late…. it’s 9:23pm…. that’s late now)

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Aye mate!

Ok!!!!! I have some super great news for you! It is official! I’m going to Australia in January!!!!!!


As many of you know I’ve been discerning religious life for a while and have many fears about taking the next step. To help me with this I decided (with the help of God) to join something called NET (National Evangelization Team).

This peer to peer, value-driven ministry is very effective because it offers a radical alternative to what is offered by society at present. NET teams bring their own positive stories, struggles, their willingness to listen and relate on a youthful level, this is indispensable.

As a member of NET I will deepen my faith, strengthen my relationship with God all by sharing the Gospel with others. What better way to discern religious life than with other young adults?  Continue reading “Australia!!!”

Change is Good

The other day I heard a comment that was very upsetting. The comment was something like bigger women should never wear a bikini because it’s not flattering on them. Now before I keep going on I have to state that I’m actually against women wearing bikinis as I believe they reveal too much but that’s a story for another day

When we’re hurting ourselves we’re hurting God as well.


Saying that a bigger woman can’t do something because it’s not flattering is a complete insult. Continue reading “Change is Good”

Yes I can.. no I can’

Depression, now this is a hard one to talk about but I was inspired by Jean, a friend of mine. This is what she said I can’t walk forward facing backwards! 14079783_1082420308474192_7302427914441682464_n

Big shout out to Jean as she’s been helping me with this. Without me telling her about what I was going through she knew I needed a shoulder to cry on. You know what she did? She sent me an email with pictures of Mary with quotes and verses. This was an instant pick me up as I knew I wasn’t alone even though I felt as though I was alone.

I have gone through depression and I know how much it can hurt. It’s more than just a mental issue but it’s also physical, emotional and spiritual.  Continue reading “Yes I can.. no I can’”

Dating… why?


Dating, so many questions and so many uncertainties.

Sometimes we enter into a relationship more so for the status than the other person but hopefully more often it’s because we see a future with this other person. Dating has such a new meaning in this day in age and we really lost the original meaning. Why do we date??

1230722_origIn my perspective dating is all about seeing if the other person is compatible for marriage, it’s about leading the other person closer to heaven. If you can’t lead the other person closer to heaven while dating then you won’t be able to do such thing during marriage. You see, many people think
Oh when we get married I’m going to change this about my spouse but we really can’t think that way because if someone wants change it has to come from within and not from someone else. What you see is what you get.  Continue reading “Dating… why?”

I am wonderfully made

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep, I was counting sheep, 1, 2, 3, I hear music, I wonder what song this is? I remember my grad, I had a blast. Remember the banquet? Yes I got wear a beautiful dress and feel like a princess. And my thoughts went on and on. (Mean while I could hear someone snore in the room beside mine)

I’ve been pretty busy so before last night I was able to sleep pretty well. You know when you have jam packed days and when it come to sleep you don’t even remember putting your head on your pillow, you’re asleep before you even know you’re asleep. Well that’s what’s been happening (other than last night).

I got to sleep in which was great, I woke up around 8:30, had a quick breakfast and morning prayer. I was sitting in the living room enjoying the view. The house is on a hill and there’s a river below. I could over look the river and see further in the trees. The pelican and ducks were just floating along minding their own business. Then all of a sudden I see two teenagers walking on the street which is quite normal. One was limping and the other one kept bending down. I was wondering what was happening and then he got sick rolls eyes this must of been the result of the grad.

Why can’t we be reasonable?  I mean drinking to the point of getting sick is not normal but for some people it’s a sense of comfort. It’s not the sickness that they want but it’s the high from drinking. It’s their way of letting go. It’s clearly not a healthy way but who am I to condemn when I have struggled with that myself.

This made me think of the psalm from the feast of Saint John the Baptist, I praise you, for I am wonderfully made.  It doesn’t matter what we do, we can’t hide from God. He knows the depths of our heart, he knows when we sit and when we stand, He is the one that knit us in our mother’s womb.

If we knew how much God loves us we wouldn’t be running off doing our own thing. In fact we would be busy doing God’s will that our will wouldn’t even matter. God made us and yet we’re ready to reject Him sometimes. Sin is what separates us from Him but thankfully we have repentance, we have mercy, we have forgiveness.

Don’t forget the ultimate sacrifice Jesus suffered for all of us to be here today.

My Catholic Living


Reviving a Fading Desire

Life is something that changes in the blink of an eye. One day you’re happy where you are and the next day you can’t understand why God would permit you to be in such a situation.

It’s been a month an a half since I got back from Haiti and I’ve been having a hard time re-adapting to this culture. Since I got back from Haiti I spent a week with my family and I had a blast but after those two weeks were over I started my new job and had to move away again. I love my job, I’m the new coordinator of youth ministry for an archdiocese which works on many reserves.

I fell in love with the aboriginal culture three years ago when I took a program called ‘RéconciliAction’ which teaches us on different cultures. That year we were learning about the aboriginal culture. As I was learning more and more about this culture my desire was growing deeper and deeper to work with them. I knew I could work with them but just yet because I was still in University and wanted to finish my studies. I think this was God foreshadowing  that I would be working there eventually.

After University it’s like my love for this culture faded away. I thought it was just a passing desire and so I moved back with my parents and worked on the farm for the summer to discern what my next step in life would be. Not long after that I was invited to join a one year program called the ‘Catholic Outreach Team’. I spoke with a few people about it and finally I joined. It was long process to apply, I had many papers to fill, an interview and more papers to fill. I know God wanted me in that program because He gave me the patience to go through all those papers.

What I didn’t know about this program was that they go up north on reserve for a few weeks. I was pumped when I heard that! When we were on the reserves that desire that I had a few years ago blossomed.

But then again when my ministry year was over my love for the culture faded. If you have been following my blogs you know that after that I went to Haiti for 8 months. A beautiful place which helped me to grow in love and patience for others.

During my last few months in Haiti I was starting to worry about my plans for when I got back home in Canada but God had a plan for me. One night before going to bed, I asked God about that desire of working with aboriginals, why would creep up then fade away? I wasn’t expecting an answer to this but the next morning my brother sent me an email suggesting that I applied for a certain job. This job seemed way out of my capacities, I studied communications and multimedia not theology or leadership. The job posting he sent me was for a job as a coordinator of youth ministry for an archdiocese.

At first I just ignored it thinking ‘no way, that’s not for me’ but I kept looking back at the email. Finally I checked out where this archdiocese was and noticed that one of the reserves I had been to the previous year was in this arch.. I remembered the people, the culture and the comfort I had with being there.

I applied and today I am working with this culture. I’m falling more and more in love with the people. They are so inspiring and all have such different backgrounds. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me. ❤

My Catholic Living

Letter to my future husband <3

To my dearest future husband,

I have been thinking a lot about you lately and I can’t wait to meet you so that we can share our lives together, the two of us become one.

The other day I was looking at wedding dresses on the Internet, you’re probably not even thinking about planning a wedding yet. You’re probably studying, working, playing video games and hanging out with your guy friends. I want to let you know that I want you to keep hanging out with your guy friends, they are important relationships to keep and maintain.

Before we meet I want you to know that God will be the center of our relationship. He will be with us in the good times and the bad times. We will lead each other closer to God and through Him we will fall more and more in love.

I’m currently working on my relationship with God. I have a hard time making the time for Him but I still put in a good effort. Even though I’m impatient and can’t wait to meet you, I know I will have to wait. I need to know my God better before we meet. Maybe we already know each other or maybe we don’t be please know that you are already in my prayers. I pray that God prepares our hearts for one another. I pray that you will love me with all of your heart and that you will stay true to me.

We both have a past, I’m proud of some things but other things I regret from my past but they have shaped me to be the woman that I am today. I want you to know that whatever your past may be I accept it. If God permitted it to happen then I can accept it too. Please accept my past as well. I know that I’ve done things that you may not love or accept but I have asked for forgiveness for them.

God has worked through those struggles and made me a stronger woman because of them. I have my crosses to carry and you also have yours but know that I’m here to help you and support you in your struggles and in your times of need. I want to be there for you like I want you to be there for me.

Even though I don’t even know who you are yet I want you to know that every day I keep thinking of you and I love you more and more. The love I have for you is indescribable. How can I love someone I have never met? It can only happen through God. God works in mysterious ways. He knows our past, our present and our future. He knows how to work with and through us. He knows our needs and fulfills them.

My dearest future husband know that I love and respect you. I pray that you let God work though you, that you give him your heart and that you keep getting to know our Savior.

Until we meet and united in prayer,

– My Catholic Living