God’s will is my will… well I try…

Time goes by way too fast! This time last year I was on my way to my first mission house in Haiti. It was in Cap Haitien which meant we had to drive from Port-au-Prince. It was a long drive and I wasn’t feeling too well either. I get car sick…. not a good thing….

I actually didn’t know I got car sick until I went to Haiti so I never took any precautions when it came to that.

My first impression when I got out of the airport in Haiti was ‘man there are a lot of people here’. I was nervous and even scared because I was in an unknown place pretending like I knew exactly what I was doing. Thankfully I was travelling with a religious sister and she actually knew what she was doing because she is from Haiti. She kept taking my hand so I wouldn’t get lost.  She gave me a great sense of comfort and belonging. She knew what she was doing and I trusted her. What a great example of trusting God’s will for us. We should trust that God has a plan for each and everyone of us. We have to try our best to know of it and try to follow it. We are not in control of our own lives but how many times have I tried to control things in my own life?

The answer is WAY TOO OFTEN! When we try to control our own lives we forget that there is a Power much bigger than us. We forget that we have a purpose and we forget that we are the result of a single thought of God. If God stopped thinking about us we would cease to exist.

In my life, I often try do things my own way and forget that I should be doing God’s will and not my own. Last Sunday the youth ministry committee organized an afternoon of games for the youth. Inside I was feeling like it wasn’t going too well. There are things that I wanted to change but then someone came up to me and said ‘thank you for not being a control freak’. At first I was really confused because inside I really wanted to change everything because I didn’t feel right. But like someone famous once said….I actually don’t remember who said it… but they said ‘be comfortable with being uncomfortable’.

In this moment I realized that I was trying to control this event and I was taking God out of it. I had a hard time accepting that but it has also taught me a lot.

This whole week I have been struggling a lot with God’s will and my own will. I want to do things but then God says no. Or I don’t want to something and God says ‘ hey you get up and pray’ or ‘stop wasting time on the internet and call a friend’.

Often we see God’s will as something we don’t want to do but we have to do it just to obey Him. Well it’s not always like that. Sometimes God’s will is calling a friend and just having a good conversation. Sometimes God’s will is spending time in silence.

All this to say that God’s will isn’t easy to follow but so worth it. We have to trust that God will protect us and guide us as we journey closer to Him.

How many times have you ignored God’s will?

-My Catholic LIving

Culture differences

What should I talk about today? I guess I can talk a bit about what I’ve been thinking about. I’m currently in Haiti but originally from Canada. I grew up in the country not having much but having the essentials. And I think growing in the country was preparing me for this mission.

In Haiti many people have next to nothing and yet they are so happy. I remember growing up I always wanted more and more but my parents told me ‘the more material things you have the less happy you are’. When I was 4 I had no idea what that meant and I did not believe my parents, I just wanted more.

Now I realize how true it is. If you don’t have many things to preoccupy yourself with then you fall back on human relationships. You mean people actually talk and not just text? Yes people here talk, they have friends, they play soccer with an old Coca Cola bottle, they study together. It’s rare that you will see a Haitian alone, they are always in groups joking around and having fun.

I find people here are more touchy feely but not in an awkward way. It’s more of a I’m comfortable with you so I don’t mind holding your hand. Guys and girls hold hands even though they are not a couple. It’s just a sign of friendship.

Picture taken in MilotPhysical touch is one of my love languages so I can appreciate when they give me a tap on the back, a handshake or a hi 5. But I do have to say that I feel awkward when they want to hold my hand. It’s a culture difference. I don’t mind when women or girls do it but it’s when guys do it that I’m uncomfortable.

I always have to question the guys’ intentions. I’ve been asked a few times in marriage here already and I’ve also been asked to go over at their place for the night. Never would I want to go to a guy’s place, especially if I just met him.

I’m generalizing but I noticed that Haitians have a thing for white people. Whenever they see a white person they have to go talk to them. At first I didn’t mind that. I liked the attention but now it really bothers me. I can’t wait for the day that I go for a walk and no one asks me to join. I do like my alone time but Haitian don’t understand that. Again, it’s a difference in the culture.

-My Catholic Living

Blessing in disguise, maybe?

We are living in hard times. Over 30 religious communities have been attacked and robbed in Haiti in the last 3 months. They even burned down a mission house earlier this week. Haitians don’t realize how much the religious communities have helped Haiti move up in the world. Most schools are run by religious religious people, brothers, sisters, priests and deacons. And they do it for free, they don’t want to get paid.

We now have to take extra extra precautions whenever we go out. The attacks are always at night and we know that all the attackers are men.

Yesterday all the religious orders met up and walked to the Cathedral to let the world know what’s been going on. After the walk we had mass all together, lay people and religious. I have to say that it was one of the most beautiful mass I ever attended. The Cathedral was packed full of people. In pews that we regular sit 5 or 6 people we were 10. And there were many people who stood up for the whole mass because they had no place to sit. It was an awesome atmosphere. I loved seeing so many people there praying all at once. And during consecration it was quiet, I could of heard a pin drop from the other side of the cathedral. All in all, it was an event which reminded me that there is good in every situation whether or not we see it.

Please if you have a minute or two pray for these men, that they have a change of heart. And that God may penetrate their hearts to show them that they are loved.

-my catholic living