April 22nd 1987

This day 29 years ago a tragic incident happened in my family. We lost a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece and a friend. This was my sister Jocelyne. She was almost 2 years old.

9694866_f248But this is a day of rejoicing because as we are taught that anyone who is sinless goes directly to heaven and since my sister was young and baptized she could not have willingly chosen to sin. All this to say that I believe my sister is in heaven, she’s a saint. I can ask her to pray for me. It’s a sense of comfort.

There are saints in heaven that we don’t even know of. One doesn’t have to be recognized by the Church to be a saint. You just have to be in Heaven to be a saint.

On this day I encourage all of you to ask Jocelyne to pray for you. I know she’s been praying for me and she’s been putting in a good for me to God. I have never met her but I still cherish her as my big sister, I still love her and I’m sure she loves me. Continue reading “April 22nd 1987”