Dating… why?


Dating, so many questions and so many uncertainties.

Sometimes we enter into a relationship more so for the status than the other person but hopefully more often it’s because we see a future with this other person. Dating has such a new meaning in this day in age and we really lost the original meaning. Why do we date??

1230722_origIn my perspective dating is all about seeing if the other person is compatible for marriage, it’s about leading the other person closer to heaven. If you can’t lead the other person closer to heaven while dating then you won’t be able to do such thing during marriage. You see, many people think
Oh when we get married I’m going to change this about my spouse but we really can’t think that way because if someone wants change it has to come from within and not from someone else. What you see is what you get.  Continue reading “Dating… why?”

I am wonderfully made

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep, I was counting sheep, 1, 2, 3, I hear music, I wonder what song this is? I remember my grad, I had a blast. Remember the banquet? Yes I got wear a beautiful dress and feel like a princess. And my thoughts went on and on. (Mean while I could hear someone snore in the room beside mine)

I’ve been pretty busy so before last night I was able to sleep pretty well. You know when you have jam packed days and when it come to sleep you don’t even remember putting your head on your pillow, you’re asleep before you even know you’re asleep. Well that’s what’s been happening (other than last night).

I got to sleep in which was great, I woke up around 8:30, had a quick breakfast and morning prayer. I was sitting in the living room enjoying the view. The house is on a hill and there’s a river below. I could over look the river and see further in the trees. The pelican and ducks were just floating along minding their own business. Then all of a sudden I see two teenagers walking on the street which is quite normal. One was limping and the other one kept bending down. I was wondering what was happening and then he got sick rolls eyes this must of been the result of the grad.

Why can’t we be reasonable?  I mean drinking to the point of getting sick is not normal but for some people it’s a sense of comfort. It’s not the sickness that they want but it’s the high from drinking. It’s their way of letting go. It’s clearly not a healthy way but who am I to condemn when I have struggled with that myself.

This made me think of the psalm from the feast of Saint John the Baptist, I praise you, for I am wonderfully made.  It doesn’t matter what we do, we can’t hide from God. He knows the depths of our heart, he knows when we sit and when we stand, He is the one that knit us in our mother’s womb.

If we knew how much God loves us we wouldn’t be running off doing our own thing. In fact we would be busy doing God’s will that our will wouldn’t even matter. God made us and yet we’re ready to reject Him sometimes. Sin is what separates us from Him but thankfully we have repentance, we have mercy, we have forgiveness.

Don’t forget the ultimate sacrifice Jesus suffered for all of us to be here today.

My Catholic Living


My Promise

I’ve been thinking a lot about my to be godson. He isn’t born yet but I still feel a deep connection with him. He’s definitely a fighter!


Long story short my sister-in-law’s water broke in week 20 but thankfully she didn’t go in labour. Now, they are staying strong, fighting and celebrating that they made it to week 28! It’s not easy putting trust in God, knowing that we can’t do anything to change the situation other than pray and follow His will with an open heart.

Mathieu will be born a fighter, he will know the struggles of life but he will also learn that we are completely powerless. We need to acknowledge that God is on our side.


You don’t know me yet but you will soon enough. I have heard so many things about you and I’m excited to meet you.  Continue reading “My Promise”

You are beautiful

Be who you’re called to be. This is a statement that I try to live by but it’s not easy. Who am I supposed to be?

For so many years I struggled with my weight. I’m not exactly the skinniest person out there and media tries to sell the idea that the skinnier we are the better looking we are. I sadly believed it but didn’t do anything about it. I just thought well I’m overweight which mean I’m unlovable. That it so wrong!!


I was stuck living these lies, oh a fat person can’t do this, a fat person can’t do that. But all of this changed when I started discovering who I really am. We are so much more than our appearance. What defines who we are? I believe we define who we are by God’s grace. Now this can be taken out of context but what I mean with that is God gives us graces and we have to use them.
When I was in high school I was the fat kid in class and this always brought me down. Then university came and I was hanging out with a bunch of people who were accepting. But also during this time I was actually putting effort on my appearance. Continue reading “You are beautiful”

He is risen! Il est vivant!

Wow! This weekend passed by like a lightning flash. One day I was with my family and the next day I was back home (still trying to wake up from a long bus ride). I only got home this morning and now I’m at work. I pray this day is busy and it distracts me from being so tired.

This morning I have to work on a youth leadership workshop. I accepted to give it because it goes directly with youth ministry but I just don’t know where to start. The theme of it is Leaders must be Learners. I quite enjoy this theme because I myself try to live by it, this could be some sort of motto.

Speaking of leadership, I got to my parents place on Friday morning and was lucky enough to spend a bit of time with one of my nieces before heading out again for the way of the cross. By spending time with my niece this is what I mean….DSC_0672.JPG Continue reading “He is risen! Il est vivant!”

Mystery of the Visitation

On the feast of the visitation I went to mass and our Archbishop preached the homily. He talked about the age e61d7a7cb1eebda61588525cc0a13998-2of Mary (between 8-16) and the age of Elizabeth (50’s or older). I always thought that this mystery of the visitation was so intimate. Me,being a woman, absolutely love children. Anyone whom I’ve encountered knows that.
Conception is so incredible! I mean with a simple act one can conceive a baby. Then this baby is in the mothers womb for a few months then BOOM Continue reading “Mystery of the Visitation”

Good Good Father

943fc8ad1f1697018b9f9f0cac82d1ebI wanted to share a bit on how I welcomed the new year. As you know I was at a conference during that time of the year. We started the evening with mass and he church was packed full, I don’t think I ever seen a church that was so full. It was a beautiful bilingual mass.

After mass we had a banquet with a really fancy meal. I didn’t know which fork or spoon to use because there were like 4 of each! Note to self always start on the outside and go toward the inside with the utensils. After the meal we had a speeches and a video to present where the next conference will be held. The next one is in VANCOUVER!!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend but it’s still pretty cool.

Then the party started! Continue reading “Good Good Father”

Clean me!


Cleaning my room….anyone want to do that for me? Ever since I came back from my parents place I’ve been doing the deep clean of my room. For some odd reason I thought I didn’t have enough things so I brought some more stuff…. Not a wise decision because I don’t know where to put it anymore.

I have too many things. It’s not just material things but also things that I’m dealing with inside my mind and heart. The material things I can easily deal with because I really don’t care about most of it. If anyone wants random stuff just let me know and I’ll send it to you. But the things I deal with inside my heart and mind are harder to take care of. I can’t just give it to a friend and not have to deal with it anymore. Continue reading “Clean me!”

What the heck is Youth Ministry?

I was asked this question many time. A lot of people think youth ministry is about playing games with the youth and somehow filling the pews at church. Oh and it definitely has to be a volunteer job because no one could do that for a living…

It makes me laugh inside when I hear that. I guess I have a different perspective on youth ministry than most people.

Whoever we are or wherever we are in life we are all CALLED TO BE MISSIONARIES and our mission is to SHARE THE LOVE OF GOD with the people we encounter. That being said we are all called to do youth ministry but what exactly is that? It’s not about filling the pews but rather inviting the youth to deepen their relationship with God. Inviting is the key word here.

(In my conversion I talked about a single invitation that changed my life.)

I was probably invited 100 times to deepen my relationship with God but it was 101st that made the difference in my life.

It’s also about getting to know the people in the community. What’s the best way to get to know someone? It’s through the community, through the schools, the parish, the family, friends and most importantly by building a relationship with this person. The same is true with God. How do we encounter God? It’s through our community, our school, our parish, our family, our friends and most importantly by talking to Him. This is true for everyone whether you’re an elder playing bingo, a mom with 3 kids, a senior in search of the love of his life or a 2 year old playing with dolls.

But this means that it’s important to build good healthy relationships with the youth. We have to be vulnerable and hopefully they will be vulnerable with us. We have to show them love. A lot of youth these days are in search of love because they don’t get enough of it at home. (Love is a tough thing to find and I still struggle with it) But if we show love to these youth they will most likely feel more comfortable with us and will be open to hear what we have to say. ”They don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.” I try to live by this but it’s not easy.

Sometime when we share something it feels like others aren’t listening or paying attention. I can honestly say that I once gave a ‘what is confirmation’ talk. And the whole way through I felt like what I was saying was useless and leading no where. These youth had so much energy, they couldn’t stop talking and moving. (I don’t blame them because it’s not easy to sit and listen at that age… oh the good ol’ days) But we have to trust that God has already planted the seed of faith. We can only water it and offer it sun. After this really frustrating retreat all the youth were heading out and the loudest of youth came up to me. I was actually really nervous because I though he would make this comment about wasting their time but to my surprised it was the complete opposite. I will always remember this youth because it was the first time a youth had actually thanked me to take time out of my day to come and talk to them. I was greatly touched and shed a few tears. I waited ’til all the youth were gone to tell the team and when telling them I shed a few tears.

This was a good reminder that we are doing God’s will and not our own will. We don’t always see the fruit of our ministry but we have to trust that God is working in them even when others or themselves don’t see it.

What I concentrate on my ministry is the love of God and the love of others. Which again can be put in two categories: physical and spiritual. Under physical we have sacraments and service and under relational we have fellowship and prayer.

We need all 4 of these in our life. How do we get closer to God? It’s with prayer and sacraments. How do we get closer to our neighbors? It’s with service and fellowship. I might talk more about this in another post.

Youth groups need volunteers, someone to do the planning, the leading, making the snack (snack are important), the media stuff and so much more. Many people want to volunteer but never know what they could do. If that’s the case just ask them what their gifts and talents are. If they are good at playing music, ask them to lead a song or two. If they are good with computers, ask them to set up for the well anticipated movie night.

We all have gifts and talents and God wants us to share them. How are you sharing your gifts and talents with others?

o Death where is your sting? o death where is your victory?

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

I really like that picture. I took it a year or two ago just before I went into a spiritual direction session. I found the sunset very inspiring.

This is what I think when I see it: Psalms 23:4
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

We live in a simple world but we complicate everything. We are afraid of death but yet isn’t death the only way we get to meet God?

Yesterday I lost my great aunt, my grandpa’s sister. I didn’t know her very well but it still leaves a whole in my heart. I should be happy and rejoicing knowing she lived a good life and that she has the opportunity of meeting our lovely God. But instead I’m feeling down. Someone I love had left this earth and I can’t talk to her anymore, I can’t see her, she’s gone.  It makes it really hard on me that I can’t see my family in these hard times.

Though one thing that has helped me cope with this pain is prayer. The sisters I’m currently living with asked me to lead night prayer for the first time. At first I said no because I have always felt awkward praying out loud. But then one of the sisters asked me again to lead it and I finally accepted (even though I still didn’t want to). I was really scared at first but once I started it was smooth sailing, I forgot that the others were there and it’s like it was just me and God. I brought him my fears and pains of death and He responded very well. This was also the time I let the sisters know the pain I coping with. And after night prayer was over they didn’t ask any questions about my great aunt but they said they would pray for me family.

I don’t think I could of handled talking about her without shedding tears. I am a very sensitive person and even just writing this I shed a few tears.

Even in dark times God is there regardless if we see Him or not. Just like the sun even though we can’t see it at night it’s there.

-My Catholic Living