Are you actually catholic?

I had never heard of a lay service until I moved up north. Now sometimes I don’t have the opportunity to go to mass so I go to a lay service. Oh wait a second you might be thinking What the heck is she talking about? Isn’t Sunday mass an obligation? Well long story short it’s not always possible to have a priest in for mass.

Like I said before I am in northern Canada and I don’t know if you ever looked on a Canadian map before but you would notice that in this area all the communities are miles and miles apart. In this archdiocese we have 47 communities but only 14 priests in a very big area of 430,000 square km. Continue reading “Are you actually catholic?”

Priests are people too

Ever since I started work as coordinator of youth ministry I work closer with the priests of the archdiocese. This was a good reminder that priests are people just like you and I. When I visit the different communities I usually stay at the rectory which means that I actually get to know the priests. The best way to get to know a person is get into there homes because that is the place where they are most comfortable.

Last week I was visiting and meeting many people from a community. At first I was supposed to stay with a couple but she was having health problems so I didn’t want to bother her. So last minute I stayed with the priest at the rectory.

It was nice because this priest got to know me and I got to know him. We talked about our struggles, we talked about our life growing up and we talked about our goals in the future. It was nice to have that deep conversation. I can’t stand the everyday chit chat. So this conversation gave me insights but it also reminded me that regardless the busy schedule of a priest they have the same every day struggles that we have.

I’m glad I got to stay with him because he really inspired me in my work and I think now he has a better understanding of what youth ministry actually is.

Could you please keep Flora in your prayers. She has hip problems and a hard time breathing. And yet she is still helping out as much as she can in the school.

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