Running buzz

Only 2 miles to go and I had tears streaming down my face, not because I didn’t think I could do it but because I was actually doing it, I was going to finish this race!

I tell you, it was intense! I can officially scratch running a half marathon off of my bucket list. It feels so surreal. When we were all lining up waiting for the cue to run my heart was beating, my mind was all over the place and my feet were anxious to run. All in all, I was ready. And suddenly they play the Rocky theme song we were off. I was in the first wave but closer to the back (since I knew I would be one of the slower ones) I could see the people far ahead of me walking, speed walking, jogging and finally we were running!  Continue reading “Running buzz”

A long fruitful week (just ignore the procrastination part)

I had such a good week last week. It started with me procrastinating and sorta organizing a youth retreat. On Tuesday I had a long conference but it was really interesting because it was all about youth ministry and how we can engage more youth. And finally on Wednesday I left for a different community to lead a youth retreat. I had not really prepared for this retreat because I wasn’t inspired. It’s hard organizing something when I’m not inspired. The theme for this retreat was ‘precious in God’s eyes’. Before heading out I made sure I had a few resources on my laptop so if I had nothing to say I could always put on a clip.

The first evening I talked about my conversion and how I made my way back to my faith. I had no idea I was going to go in so many details. Personally, talking about my past brings a lot of healing and it’s also showing the youth that people do change. These youth asked many good questions, questions that I had growing up but was too stubborn and prideful to ask. I’m so happy that I could answer them with examples in my life.

The second evening went a lot different than the first evening. We watched a clip that stirred up many different emotions. Both the youth and the parents were touched by this clip. It was about working through our brokenness and how we all have something special to offer. Again, I could speak about this for a while because I do realize how broken I am and I know that everyone I encounter is broken inside. It’s our fallen nature that makes us this way. Going through 12 steps has taught me so much on how to deal with my brokenness and struggles. I was really happy that I got to share so openly and that they also responded.

I hope and pray that these youth keep journeying closer to God.

On Friday I left bright and early to go to the big city which is about 5 hours away. It was a really nice quiet drive. I stayed in silence for about 4 hours and finally I decided to listen to the radio. Politics, politics and more politics that’s all they were talking about. I couldn’t take it anymore so I turned off the radio and stayed in silence. This time of silence made reflect on my life and where I am heading. Am I doing God’s will? Am I doing my own will? Where will I be 5 years from now? All things that I thought about. These are important questions but I don’t really have answers. I have to trust that this is where God wants me and not worry about where I will be in 5 years.

When I finally made it to the city, I visited 2 people who have the same job as me but it different archdiocese. These people were really encouraging and gave me more resources. I hope to further collaborate with them.

This is my post for today. It’s nothing too interesting but it’s what I did. My next post will be about how I confused my whole family during the weekend. I surprised them after not seeing them for almost 4 months…

-My Catholic Living