Dating… why?


Dating, so many questions and so many uncertainties.

Sometimes we enter into a relationship more so for the status than the other person but hopefully more often it’s because we see a future with this other person. Dating has such a new meaning in this day in age and we really lost the original meaning. Why do we date??

1230722_origIn my perspective dating is all about seeing if the other person is compatible for marriage, it’s about leading the other person closer to heaven. If you can’t lead the other person closer to heaven while dating then you won’t be able to do such thing during marriage. You see, many people think
Oh when we get married I’m going to change this about my spouse but we really can’t think that way because if someone wants change it has to come from within and not from someone else. What you see is what you get.  Continue reading “Dating… why?”


This past weekend I was really lucky because I got to babysit a new born. This boy is not even 2 weeks old and yet he’s already in a foster home, a good foster home. His foster mom is such a holy person and an inspiration to me. I met her through daily mass. I try to go to daily mass on a regular bases and I know that she does the same so eventually we got to know each other. This is how I got to know that she is now fostering 2 boys and they are bother under 2 years old. This must be such a crazy household!!!

On Sunday I was really lucky because she asked me if I could babysit her baby while she went to mass and I agreed whole-heartedly. Maybe this is a sign for my vocation laat-de-kinderen-tot-Mij-komenmaybe it isn’t but when I was holding this baby I kept on thinking about the blindness and carelessness this child has. He completely relies on someone else to take care of him. A great reminder that we have to completely rely on God to take care of us.  Continue reading “Babies!”

Me? a mother?

I am loving this week. I was a bit nervous about this week because I wasn’t too sure how to prepare for it. I’m currently in a different community to lead some sort of youth gathering. Our first gathering was on Monday and again we had no idea how many people would show up and even less their age.

For this gathering I mostly planned games, something to make them feel wanted and also a way for them to express whatever they are going through. I think I was having more fun than the youth, haha. I had so much fun and these youth were very welcoming and warmhearted.

The next day we had another gathering but this time we ended with the rosary and mass. And you know how kids are, they like to move around and like to make noise. It was a bit hard to keep them quiet to start the rosary but once we started they got involved and surprisingly stayed quiet.

I was leading the rosary but having a hard time doing so. Not because I don’t know the prayers but because it was s such a deep time of prayer for me. I felt this blanket of peace of me. I did shed a few tears ad was having a hard time pronouncing the words out loud. You know when you have that crying feeling with like this bubble in your throat? Well that’s how it was for me. But it was such an intense moment that I didn’t care about what was going around me. It was me and my God. After the rosary I just had to go outside to take a breath of fresh air. And as soon as I left the church I had a break down. TO me this was a good reminder that prayer is a gift. We have to put the extra efforts in our prayers. Sure it’s easy to repeat the hail Mary 10 times but if your heart isn’t in it then it’s really not worth it.

Experiences like these are a gift from God.

Because of our different likes and dislikes it’s easier to connect with some people over others. But at these two gatherings there were three girls with whom I really connect and I know they felt comfortable with me because they would call me  ‘mom’. For me this was a reminder that to be a mother you don’t need biological kids. Is this a sign from God? I don’t know but I know it is causing me to restart discerning religious life.

Actually it was really funny because I am working with the priest in this community and naturally I would call him Father. So these girls put two and two together and they said that Father was their actual father and I was their mother. They said that they were our children. I thought it was really cute but I also hope that this doesn’t get taken out of context, haha. I don’T have biological kids but I do have my adopted kids. I am always ready to be a mother to those who are in need.

What a scary thought… Me? a Mother? I’m not ready to be a mother…. or am I? Oh too many questions….

-My Catholic Living

Year of consecrated life

Here I am discerning my vocation. One day I feel called to religious life and the next day I feel called to married life. This is a big decision and I wouldn’t want to make the wrong choice. I know that God gave us free will which means that deep down it’s my choice but I also know that he had made me to follow a certain road. This week I’m leaning more toward marriage… but that’s not going anywhere soon because I told myself that I’m not courting until I get back home. Like I mentioned before, I’m on a mission trip. And next week I will probably be leaning more towards religious life.

These days I find people get into relationships way too quick… and WAYYY too early. I worked with kids around the ages of 6-7 and they were already talking about their so called boyfriends and their dates. I was always told that the purpose of dating is not only to get to know the other person but it’s because you think it could lead to marriage. But that’s not what most young adults in our society thinks. Many see dating as a social status, you’re ”cool” if you’re dating someone.

I’m not going to lie, I went out with a young man for 9 months and I couldn’t see a future with him but I was also scared of breaking up with him because I knew it hurt him. I kept thinking maybe it’s going to work out… For a month or so I knew I our relationship wasn’t going to lead anywhere but I kept avoiding telling him anything.

When I finally told him, he told me he felt the same way. It was such a relief for both of us and we are still good friends.

I’m new to this blogging idea, if you have any topics to suggest or questions I would greatly appreciate them. I’m hoping to do this on a weekly or monthly basis (depending whether I have Internet or not at the mission houses)